CHARACIER DESIGNING THE CHAR ACTER NAMNG THE CHAKACTER DECIDING CHARACTERS BAC GROUND STORY INSERTWGS UNIVERSE DECIDING ON THe ReLATIONSHIP WETH YOUR CHARAC brooke101art pervyking brucewayneright thewritingbeast sinksanksockie patientno7 the suffering never ends This is the real process Resources for you! Character Ideas Character creation masterpost Character Alignment Chart More character alignment descriptions Muslim Character questions Characters with magical powers Building a new character advice How to create a character for an online or tabletop RPG also a good guide on creating characters in general Royaltynobility TV Tropes page Basic character profile OC masterpost Random character generators - 1 2 3 4 DD Character Building Tool Character Design Ideas How clothing affects a character’s personality Character Design Inspiration blog Concept art fan art cool art to be inspired by Character design references and inspiration Sources for POC character design ideas and models Create your own character model using HeroForge For horned characters Body and hair types guide Random outfit generator Naming Help Amazing site with an endless amount of naming resources General advice on avoiding naming appropriation Hispanic Surnames Gothic Victorian names Huge master list for character things in general Masterlist of names of all types - including but not limited to ancientold world names Celtic African Northern European Southern and Central American Native names Japanese Chinese Mongolian Polynesian and more Another name masterlist How to pick a character name guide Yet another names masterlist Creating Backgroundbackstory Character SheetDevelopment Sheet Another character development list In-depth character personality motivations and traits sheet 320 talents and passions for characters On writing likes and dislikes that aren’t frivolous Why you should write non-human characters non-conforming to the gender binary Stereotypes tropes and archetypes Random backstory generator Assassin and thief character tropes to avoid Character Interactions and putting your character into your worldstory Comparing character heightheight references Characters who are scientists and writing about them doing science Describing what different voices sound like Describing skin tones Writing friendship interactions that are platonic Why having one character knock their friend unconscious to prevent them from doing something is a bad idea Advice on shipping OCs with canon characters and what to avoid doing Sweet Polly Oliver and Sweet on Polly Oliver situations think of Disney’s Mulan for an example How to write multiple viewpointsjuggling a main cast of more than 4 to 6 characters How to make readers care about your morally gray heroanti-hero On platonic OC and canon character relationships How to avoid Godmodding in RPs When it’s cheap to kill off a character Writing dialogue Things you shouldn’t do to canon characters Avoiding purple prose in writing and RPs Slang resources Dialogue tips Websites to chart your storyplotcharacter relationships Bonus art masterlist! BLESS EVERYONE IN THIS POST I will always reblog this! I needed this thank the gods Meme











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