cassiuswinston5 Ima put this on here cause I need you to read it and I feel like this the best way for it to get to you I love you bro w everything I have in my entire body I love you so much if I could carry yo pain I would wear it on my shoulders just to see you happy and wouldn't think twice I understand it was to much I understand I really do and yo story won't end here I can promise you that the next time I run into someone in your situation ima save them cause that's wha you would want me to do I wish it was a term that goes deeper then brother cause that's what's you are to me 13 of my heart And I'm struggling because there is nothing that can replace that Smoothie I need you I miss you But I'm so proud of you bro you fought every demon w everything you had in you You went to war w yourself every single day not knowing if you could win that battle And you won time after time You stood tall and you let your family love you you gave me everything I asked for just one day you didn't have enough strength And that's ok man that's really ok ppl can't go through wha you went through you are the strongest wisest kindest most caring person The best brother gang member I could ever ask for And I wouldn't replace you or change any single thing about you Not one I don't like doing these cause I feel like they for show but I need to you to read this Smoothie and I need you to know that I love you and I care for you And the only reason I can sit here and still stand is because I know you not in no more pain The only reason I'm still standing After that bro we really got beef and when I see you again I'm beating yo ass Cause it's no way you got me out here trying to adjust to life w out you bro This shit so deep bro we suppose to see all this out together But we'll have that convo the next timeI see you Smoothie Bean Rest up my baby and keep watching over us save me a seat And when it's all said and done ima have so much to tell you You gone already know but ima tell you anyway Love you Gang member ending it's ok tho enjoy it up there Ima see you soon enough #LuvSmoothie' wish your story coulda had a diff ORIS SALES EVENT aEANT Homes ALBION BASKETBALL IOVALBION TBA BASKETBALL AL Cassius Winston's IG tribute to his younger brother Zachary who passed away Saturday night httpstcoQK77RlGIGT Meme











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