CANTTWE GO BACK TO THE DAYS THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON 20 1993 Bill When I walked ints Rice of wonder a nespeer ciou- at you laseloness some how ole bed times to rou will be o read well srece now is an County secon I am noon WHEN THERE WAS LESS HATREDIN POLITICS? THE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE I loved reading this letter that President George HW Bush left for incoming President Bill Clinton in January 1993 It's a reminder that this country is at its best when we all work together - with those at the very top setting the example for the rest of us My wish for our country really shouldn't seem far-fetchedbut somehow with our first #PresidentialDebate upon us given the ugliness of the times and the divisive nature of politics it does seem fairly unrealistic My wish is simply this tomorrow when the world is talking about the screaming the name-calling and back-stabbing - let them be talking about what happened on WWE Monday Night Raw Please! Let #WWE be the only surreal alternate universe available to television viewers on Monday night Let Vince McMahon be the only bellicose billionaire on view Let Ms Charlotte or even my boss Stephanie McMahon be the only woman looked at as a heel or evil-doer I wish so hard that candidates Hillary Clinton and especially Donald Trump will have enough respect for their opponent the country and the presidency of the United States to debate the issues with integrity and decide the best way forward for our country - and leave the unnecessary cheap-shots and low blows to the professionals at WWE I'm 3X WWE Champion 2X New York Times #1 best-selling author and 1X RAINN volunteer of the month Mick Foley - and I approve of this message! Meme

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