Can you marry me 501 PM I just got back from my school and they said they cannot give me any aid except for unsubsidised loans unless l have a child get married or turn 24 so I have to get married Yeah ok I'll marry you I need a better fafsa application too Wait seriously Would you really do it Im doing actual research on it Are we doing this It would have to happen like lightning fast cause my next semester happens pretty damn soon I don't know how fast this happens lemme check Ughhhh okay so we'd need to get a marriage license which can be up to $30 depending on where we get it and THEN we need to file for a marriage certificate I'm an ordained minister but idk if I could file my own marriage certificate get ordained and do it Can we go to Indiana? Let me check Dude Im so excited Its possible that I can get FAFSA to pay for an entire apartment for me to go to school in Milwaukee DUDE WHAT Okay so there's no minister registration required in lllinois so Yeah I'm looking that up right now Ive heard that if one partner commits adultery thats grounds for a quicker divorce Yeah this sample form I'm looking at says irretrievable breakdown of marriage Worse comes to worse we can stage a fight but I think we can just say yeah it's not working out Does it include adultery divorce ranging from $15000 to $30000 Most of this money is spent on legal fees So Fuck lawyers We don't need a lawyer We don't have kids we don't have property to divide up Oh thats only for a lawyer We don't have alimony to negotiate We're just two guys being dudes Gettin a divorce portraitofemmy possiblestoner marzipanandminutiae A imagine your otp B dear gods this country has massive issues I’ve been looking for this post for ages listen I’ve read enough fanfic to know that they’re not getting divorced but it’ll take about 35k of pining to figure that out Meme










Working out

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