C File 9228634 ori ong 124 KB 342x677 Anonymous 112716 Sun222755 No 713258230 Repl 713259282 713259625 >Momma going for weekend break with new Dad even though l told her he tried to fuck me >Says it's not a crime if you're 27 >To make me feel better Momma buys two boxes of tendies for me to eat >No good boy points required man Ten minutes after breakfast of Doritos with mtn Dew start to feel a rumbly in my tummy >Tendies o' clock >Dumb bitch didn't cook them for me what do I let her live with me for Try turning all knobs on oven but it just smells of gas >Put box of tendies in microwave hit random buttons until numbers come up and set to 420 >Shout SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY and laugh until the beep goes off >Tendies aren't crispy like Momma makes them but still taste OK >Put ten stars on the good boy chart for learning to cook >2 hours later tummy ache Have to poop Have to puke >Grab two piss bottles take off my jammies and ready at both ends >Quite a bit of spray but caught most of it >Note to self to add another star to chart >Pooping and puking continues for another hours >Not enough piss bottles to hold it Have a great idea and roll to bathroom >Since losing ten pounds in liquid l feel much more spritely don't even need inhaler half way >Sit in tub with my 3DS shitting and puking while playing Pokemon Sun >Wait for Momma and make another note to put a star on the chart >11am next day hear keys in the door Momma's home >Too tired to REEEEE wait for her to find me >Violently gags as she find me in tub full of half-digested tendies >Tell Momma how clever l was only puking and shitting a little bit in my room Am I a good boy momma? Too choked up with tears of pride to respond l Was so grown up on my own MFW Momma never wants to leave me again because I'm her special boy Anonymous 112716 Sun223712 No 713259282 713258230 O What the fuck am I reading I'll reread it though good work Anonymous 112716Sun224010 No 713259625 713258230 O Kek this is gold anon is a very special boy Meme








smoke weed every day


Say it

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