Buy HEARTBEAT SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends in 471106 $1499 -35% $974 Add to Cart Buy HEARTBEAT+Soundtrack Includes 2 items HEART BEAT HEARTBEAT Soundtrack $2198 40% -41% $1286 Bundle info Add to Cart d3vilr4t karpad i-am-loco queer-anna nebula-bf psiotechniqa charityforrichpeople yuuki-mishima yuuki-mishima totallynotreimuhakurei nicy-v transpopuko totallynotreimuhakurei transpopuko transpopuko transpopuko Bro what the fuck Of all the fucking things you could do of all the fucking numbers you could pick Yall are fucking heartless monsters in case yall are a bit in the dark abt the number the trans suicide rate has been recorded at 41% Heartbeat sucks and fuck transphones but I’m pretty sure the discounts are set my steam’s algorithm and not the developer iirc devs control their own sales and discounts It was intentional @transpopuko Oh nevermind fuck this game and it’s shitty devs Went to check their twitter to see what else they tweeted and not seeing any white supremacy anything - just sounds like a conservative who doesn’t believe in gender reassignment surgery or transtrender BS Ok brony Don’t forget that the average live expectancy for trans woc is 35 Both sales are intentional also this points out that the 35% has more than one malicious meaning well this is just disgusting please do not buy their shitty game what the fuck i remember seeing previews of this game and thinking its cute style wise and im glad i didnt buy it fuck this guy Fucking disgusting pieces of shit Meme











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