bunjywunjy: somnolenttt: bunjywunjy: earthstory: The difference between a good photograph and a National Geographic photograph is often just a slight shift in perspective. Sometimes a ladder is really inexpensive tool (less so in my case, since I had to fly it to the remote Indian Ocean atoll of Aldabra) to obtain a different point of view. This proved to be the case on assignment for @natgeo in Seychelles a few years ago, when the ladder helped me create the opening image for this story. I have posted that particular photograph before, but I will post it again tomorrow for reference. Aldabra has the highest concentration of blacktip reef sharks I have ever experienced. The sheer abundance of sharks there is completely out of this world. At low tide they congregate in a small lagoon on a reef flat where a brisk current bathes them in cooler well oxygenated water. They avoid the deeper water off the reef edge where bigger sharks may prey on them.Time lapse video by my assistant and talented videographer @ottowhitehead thomaspeschak “HEY! HEY HUMAN, HEY! TAKE OUR PICTURE TAKE OUR PICTURE!!!!” Heres the photo he took while on the ladder SO MANY GOOD BOYS