Brianna Albers @bhalbers me nonstop where are the disabled people? why aren't disabled people represented? did you know that disabled people make up 20% of the global population? don't you think it's odd that we are consistently erased from the narrative? where are the disabled people? where are the di cheshireinthemiddle friendraichu snails-and-bees You realize not everything is about you right YOU REALIZE ALMOST NOTHING IS EVER ABOUT US AND THAT’S WHY WE’RE MAD RIGHT? Actually disabled people are thoroughly reresented It’s just similarly to how a black character can just happen to be black a disabled character can just happen to be disabled The focus doesnt have to be on them being disabled Otherwise you would have a bunch of Joe Swansons Missing limbs limbs that dont really work sensory disabilities hereditary disabilities mental disorders etc actually pretty common Even lighter disabilities and common ones seen in the elderly are actually well represented It is just that we are so used to it that we tend not to notice Which is actually a quality of proper representation I honestly hadn’t even thought of how many disable characters there are in popular media Like I’ve never thought of Toph as disabled even though she’s blind I practically forget that because what’s important is that she’s a fucking badass and my favorite character Meme











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