Breakfast @kurifturesortspa It is one of first crops to be domesticated it originated from from the upper Niger River valley through the lake Chad basin & Dar Fur Watermelons are mostly water — about 92 percent — but this refreshing fruit is soaked with nutrients Each juicy bite has significant levels of vitamins A B6 and C lots of lycopene antioxidants and amino acids There's even a modest amount of potassium Plus this quintessential summer snack is fat-free & is very low in sodium Foods that are high in antioxidants and amino acids allow your body to function optimally Antioxidants help prevent damage and cancer Amino acids are the basic building block for protein and protein is used in virtually every vital function in the body Scientists have taken notice of watermelon's high lycopene levels — about 15 to 20 milligrams per 2-cup serving according to the National Watermelon Promotion Board — some of the highest levels of any type of fresh produce Lycopene is a phytonutrient which is a naturally occurring compound in fruits and vegetables that reacts with the human body to trigger healthy reactions It is also the red pigment that gives watermelons tomatoes red grapefruits and guavas their color Health benefits of Watermelon Watermelon is the fruit that is free in fat and also an excellent source of Vitamin B6 A and C It contains lycopene which provides the color of bright red pink and deep red It is a great source of antioxidant Potassium helps to reduce the blood pressure and supports the functions of body organs It is a great source of minerals and vitamins that helps to prevent the health illness such as obesity mortality heart disease diabetes enhance hair and complexion and increases energy Viagra effect Lycopene and Beta carotene is found in the watermelons that helps to relax the blood vessels Citrulline converts into arginine when the Watermelon is consumed Arginine is helpful for the circulatory system and heart that also helps to maintain the immune health Arginine enhances nitric oxide that helps to relax the blood vessels and also prevents erectile dysfunction Below for more famfoods Meme









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