Boysenberry Laps are my thing! Big sweet entitled and not taking no for ar answer! Be prepared to cuddle up ID 61470 12 MOS OLD 86 LBS OF SNUGGLES MANHATTAN ACC TO BE KILLED - 5182019 Laps are my thing! *** BIG SWEET PUPPY ALERT *** Luscious and sweet Boysenberry is a baby puppy who loves laps No one told him yet he is 86 lbs and not 20 lbs No one has the heart to do so And we don’t think he’d have cared if they had Laps are his thing and laps he will have He isn’t getting any pushback either because I mean look at him! How could you resist this mushy smushy face and those innocent hopeful eyes This precious boy is waiting and wondering if there is a family out there to love him We think yes But when you are a pup waiting at a kill shelter time is of the essence and living to a ripe old age is not guaranteed So don’t wait another minute to foster or adopt this bundle of love Message our page or email us at MustLoveDogsNYC@gmailcom for assistance A volunteer writes Boysenberry might appear at first tentative but he is quite intuitive and knows his friends He quickly gets into a playful mood runs and jumps with his caretaker making their time together exciting and fun Being still a youngster close to puppyhood Boysenberry can be very enthusiastic and silly in his play He loves closeness too and slides slowly onto the bench next to me for hugs and of course kisses Believe it or not 86 pounds Boysenberry sees himself as a lap dog and plumps himself on my knees savoring his tennis ball Boysenberry is a big and strong boy a lionesque masterpiece who dreams of a home sweet home and an owner to love Come and meet our striped star at the Manhattan Care Center! MY MOVIES Handsome Boysenberry <3 httpsyoutubeww7xEhUFQrw Boysenberry and Cranberry in Playgroup httpsyoutubekIBjYXCVp44 BOYSENBERRY ID# 61470 1 yr old 86 lbs Unaltered Male Manhattan ACC Large Mixed Breed Brown Brindle White I came into the shelter as a stray on 30-Apr-2019 Behavior History Upon intake Boysenberry had a loose body and a wagging tail Boysenberry approached me right away and allowed me to pet him Boysenberry was very treat motivated and sat on cue and took the treat from my hand very gently Boysenberry pulled hard on the leash as we walked and hesitated when we approached the kennel Boysenberry had to be lifted up with a second leash into his kennel Date of Intake 4302019 Basic Information Boysenberry is approximately a 1 year old male brown brindle and white large mixed breed dog Boysenberry was found as a stray How is this dog around strangers? The finder described Boysenberry as being friendly Bite history Boysenberry did not try to bite the finder Behavior Assessment Date of intake 4302019 SpayNeuter status No Means of surrender length of time in previous home Stray Behavior toward strangers friendly towards finder Date of assessment 512019 Summary Leash Walking Strength and pulling Extreme Reactivity to humans Jumps up Reactivity to dogs None Leash walking comments Attempting to jump up on people in a social manner leash biting Sociability Loose in room 15-20 seconds Highly social all over Approaches readily Sociability comments body soft jumps up mouthy with light pressure Handling Soft handling Seeks contact Exuberant handling Seeks contact Comments body soft leans in mouthy with light pressure Arousal Jog Engages in play exuberant Arousal comments jumps up leash biting Knock Approaches exuberant Knock Comments Jumps up mouthy with light pressure Toy Grips firm Toy comments None Summary Due to arrival as a stray history around dogs is unknown Boysenberry has demonstrated high levels of sociability with other dogs in the care center He frequently engages in play and is often utilized as a 'helper' dog during off leash playgroups PLAYGROUP NOTES 51-7 When introduced off leash to dogs Boysenberry plays gently 58-9 Boysenberry engages in play with males and females Date of intake 4302019 Summary friendly loose body allowed handling ENERGY LEVEL At the care center Boysenberry has displayed a high level of energy We recommend long-lasting chews food puzzles and hide-and-seek games in additional to physical exercise to positively direct his energy and enthusiasm We recommend feeding with puzzle feeders and food-dispensing toys And we recommend only force-free reward-based training techniques for Boysenberry BEHAVIOR DETERMINATION Level 2 Behavior Asilomar TM - Treatable-Manageable Recommendations No young children under 5 Recommendations comments No young children Due to the high level of jumping and the light mouthing seen at the care center we recommend a home without young children Older children who are comfortable around large jumpy dogs should have an in-depth interaction prior to adoption Potential challenges Basic mannerspoor impulse controlMouthinesspoor bite inhibitionLeash-bitingStrengthleash pulling Potential challenges comments Basic mannerspoor impulse control At the care center Boysenberry is quick to jump up on people in a social manner and is mouthy with light pressure Please see handout on Basic mannerspoor impulse control Mouthinesspoor bite inhibition At the care center Boysenberry is mouthy with light pressure when interacting with handlers Please see handout on Mouthinesspoor bite inhibition Leash-biting Strengthleash pulling While walking on leash Boysenberry jumps up grabs the leash in his mouth and pulls on it He also pulls very hard while walking on leash Please see handout on Leash Manners My medical notes are Weight 85 lbs Vet Notes Post Surgery Note L V T Notes 1052019 DVM Intake DVM Intake Exam Estimated age 1y approx Microchip noted on Intake? no Microchip Number If Applicable History stray Subjective BAR Observed Behavior -wagging tail and approaches readily allowed all handling soft body Evidence of Cruelty seen -no Evidence of Trauma seen -no Objective T = P = 80 R = wnl BCS 59 EENT Eyes clear ears clean no nasal or ocular discharge noted Oral Exam neg oral PLN No enlargements noted HL NSR NMA CRT < 2 Lungs clear eupnic ABD Non painful no masses palpated UG male intact 2 testes palpable in scrotum MSI Ambulatory x 4 skin free of parasites no masses noted healthy hair coat CNS Mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Rectal normal on external Assessment apparently healthy Prognosis good Plan neuter SURGERY Okay for surgery 991697 10052019 PRE OP EXAM Subjective BARH energetic Objective T = - P = wnl R = wnl BCS = 59 EENT Eyes clear ears clean no nasal or ocular discharge noted PLN No enlargements noted HL NSR NMA CRT < 2 Lungs clear eupnic ABD Non painful no masses palpated UG intact MSI Ambulatory x 4 CNS Mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Rectal externally normal Assessment - healthy SURGERY Okay for surgery Routine Neuter => prescrotal incision made both testes exteriorized and each spermatic cord ligated with two modified Miller's knot using 0-0 PDS testicles were excised distal to ligatures subcutaneousintradermal layers closed with continuous pattern using 0-0 PDS green-ink tattoo placed lateral to prepuce surgical glue applied to skin incision and over tattoo site to assist with closure 11052019 SO pt BAR EENT – clear serous nasal dis-charge no ocular discharge mild nasal congestion intermittent sniffling Assessment - Suspected CIRDC “typical kennel cough” Plan - + Move to isolation + Enrofloxacin 10 mgkg SID for 14 days + Cerenia 2mgkg PO SID for 4 days + Proviable x 5 days SID PO + Recheck in 7 days for resolvement and return to general population PROGNOSIS EXCELLENT Post Surgery Note L V T Notes 10052019 Anesthesia Summary Canine Neuter Pre Medication Hydromorphone 10 mgml injectable 039mL IM Dexmedetomidine 005 mgml injectable 039mL IM Induction Propofol 10 mgml injectable 42mL IV Testicular block LidocaineSterile Water 19mL19mL administered pre-operatively Anesthesia Notes Size 12 fr ET tube placed maintained general anesthesia throughout procedure on isoflurane and O2 Used a rebreathing system with 40L bag 20g IVC placed in R cephalic vessel Intraoperative IV LRS at 5-10mLkghr at 390 mLhr Peri-Operative NSAID Pain Meds Rimadyl 50mgmL injectable 31mL SQ once post-operatively for post-operative pain relief Recovery Status Recovery was uneventful Post-operative Medications Prescribed Rimadyl 100 mg Tablets Give 150 mg 15 Tablets Orally once a day for 2 days beginning the day after surgery Rimadyl Dose 2mgLb AnesthetistSurgical Monitor P#’s 0811 NA L V T Notes 11052019 Post Operative ChecK Visually looks good no discharge observed during checking *** TO FOSTER OR ADOPT *** HOW TO RESERVE A “TO BE KILLED” DOG ONLINE only for those who can get to the shelter IN PERSON to complete the adoption process and only for the dogs on the list NOT marked New Hope Rescue Only Follow our Step by Step directions below! *PLEASE NOTE – YOU MUST USE A PC OR TABLET – PHONE RESERVES WILL NOT WORK! ** STEP 1 CLICK ON THIS RESERVE LINK httpsnewhopeshelterbuddycomAnimalList Step 2 Go to the red menu button on the top right corner click register and fill in your info Step 3 Go to your email and verify account Step 4 Go back to the website click the menu button and view available dogs Step 5 Scroll to the animal you are interested and click reserve STEP 6 MOST IMPORTANT STEP GO TO THE MENU AGAIN AND VIEW YOUR CART THE ANIMAL SHOULD NOW BE IN YOUR CART! Step 7 Fill in your credit card info and complete transaction HOW TO FOSTER OR ADOPT IF YOU *CANNOT* GET TO THE SHELTER IN PERSON OR IF THE DOG IS NEW HOPE RESCUE ONLY! You must live within 3 – 4 hours of NY NJ PA CT RI DE MD MA NH VT ME or Norther VA Please PM our page for assistance You will need to fill out applications with a New Hope Rescue Partner to foster or adopt a dog on the To Be Killed list including those labelled Rescue Only Hurry please time is short and the Rescues need time to process the applications Meme











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