Bob Ross *Draws Hammer and Sickle Me nice Bob Ross blends it into an circle Anarchy A because everybody needs a comrade Me Beautiful *holds back tears* broken-atm edgy-teen-anarchist pisshets void-bunny neverlandsoundgirl johnbrownsbodyy proletarianprogramme punkisred THIS MEME MAKES ME SO FUCKING MAD Ok so this meme is a remake of another earlier meme where the text goes something like this “Bob Ross *draws hammer* Me nice Bob Ross *draws sickle* because everybody needs a friend Me *holding back tears* nice” This remake is terrible for a multitude of reasons and I will explain ALL OF THEM here we go 1 This remake is barely readable It’s unclear what it is Bob Ross is doing in his second line cause the motherfucker who made this FORGOT THE DAMN ASTERISKS so idk what is action and what is speech unless it’s ALL speech or ALL action The original was clear and easy to follow 2 What the fuck is “an circle Anarchy A”? It’s called a circle-a I would’ve even accepted “anarchy symbol” but this shit is just redundant and stupid 3 It says “Beautiful” in the end which is so much less funny than the simple “nice” of the original There’s no reason to escalate the dalogue because THAT’S ALREADY DONE IN THE ACTION OF HOLDING BACK YOUR TEARS! The repetition of the word “nice” makes it funnier cause you can imagine the person looking at the painting process and just repeating their words while trying to suppress their emotions but clearly failing 4 THE CAVAS IS SO MUCH UGLIER! THE GRADIENT IS SO UGLY! 5 Why can’t this asshole just allow us that have ONE GOD DAMN MEME that appeals to all communists instead of remaking it to be specifically ancom The old one was already inclusive to anarchists so why even make this? wow big mood anyone in this thread smoke weed oh word? I like to think that this meme was made specifically to evoke this response An egoist made this meme This is what discourse looks like Meme











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