Black Marvel Girl Following @Black MarvelGirl Let's celebrate Daisy Bates who walked black kids to white schools every day History books never mention her name #Black History Month ETS LIKES 444 432 Repost from @blaxcellence_ Daisy Bates was born in Arkansas in 1914 and as a child she was outraged by racial discrimination She didn't take it for granted Later she discovered that her mother was killed by white rapists who were not judged for their crime In 1940's Bates and her husband began to publish Arkansas State Press the paper that advocated rights of black people In 1952 Bates became the President of The NAACP in Arkansas In 1957 nine Little Rock black kids were going to enter all-white school to get better education 9 children were met with National Guards! Just imagine it — National Guards were set to resist 9 school kids Daisy Bates tried to step in but she was arrested Nevertheless Daisy's effort was mentioned by the White House and POTUS Dwight Eisenhower took care of desegregation of schools After this incident Bates continued to work for black community helping people to live a better life Thanks Daisy! She's a real role model who started civil rights activism when MLK was just a kid blackexcellence blackperfection blackbeauty blackbusiness africanamerican blackcommunity melanin blackpride blackout america usa blackscience education diversity civilrights daisybates Meme


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