bisexualbaker bisexualbaker thwippersnapple Tingle just cranked out 50k words for a spite story for JKR and I am LIVING for it! Image one Tweet from Chuck Tingle @ChuckTingle please enjoy new full length adult romance novel 52000 words in paperback or ebook about the best wizard TRANS WIZARD HARRIET PORBER AND THE BAD BOY PARASAUROLOPHUS available now also trans rights amazoncomdpB08B386R6J Image two Cover of the aforementioned Harriet Porber novel Harriet is front and center a young trans woman with light skin long dark hair and glasses she has a wand raised in her right hand Behind her are a mammoth in a wizard’s hat an anthropomorphic duck-billed dinosaur and a motorcycle with the head of a woman Chuck Tingle is a gift OMG the summary Trans wizard Harriet Porber is a master spellsmith who’s found herself in a bit of a pickle After finishing wizard college Harriet made a name for herself by creating a hit viral spell but has since failed to craft a follow up Now Harriet’s agent Minerma is breathing down her neck suggesting that Harriet take a trip to an island off the coast of England for inspirationHoping for some peace and quiet to clear her head Harriet Porber arrives to find that her new neighbor an angsty bard named Snabe from the band Seven Inch Nails is already there making a racket This parasaurolophus spellcaster is a bad boy through and through and with his incredible powers of metamagic Snabe reveals that this layer of reality is much more than it seems Could Harriet and Snabe really be characters in a parody romance novel?Soon enough these two are discovering they have more similarities than differences both trans both strong and both hoping to create a new spell that will change the world But with the addition of two devious sentient motorcycles to the mix Dellatrix and Braco things start to get complicatedNow trans wizard Harriet Porber is caught up in a tale of magic and mystery where nothing is as it seems except for one universal truth love is realThis is a 52000 word bad boy romance novel for adults It contains some explicit scenes Meme











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