timberwolfalpha: aixela89: ryderdai: msleoduh: fatcr0w: quietly-islayem: tontonmichel: bellygangstaboo: what the hell is going on in this country?! Well damn Shit has been bad for a while Right so this lady was smart, if you’re ever in a sedan-style trunk there’s a little pull tab that you can use to get yourself out that is STANDARD in cars built after 2001. It’s the law just like headlights and seatbelts. if you are in an SUV style vehicle or newer model car you may be able to find the automatic trunk release wire, pull on it, it will pop the trunk if you can’t find any of that stuff,look for the brake light housing. You will need to pull back the trunk carpeting and feel about. It’s probably bolted in, but some careful wiggling will dislodge it. If people see a goddamn arm waving out of a hole in a car while they poke along I-95 they likely will do something about it Reblog to save a life…. I was about to explain that handle myself. I did in the past and was told I have a sick since of humor for saying it helps to serve as an escape method in kidnappings. Some of them even glow in the dark for easier finding. Reblog to save a life Damn right I’m reblogging, saving lives is kinda my thing.