Bill IF YOU CANT READ THIS YOU DON'T DESERVE 15 AN HOUR @MACHINISTTALK You accepted Birs request Cassandra Klinepeter Sweetheart i have been a cnc machinist for the past 13 years i am a setup machinist and programmer a fixture designer a process engineer a maintainence technician when neededIhave over $2000 worth of inspection equipment in my toolbox and all of my micrometers are better quality than that ancient thing you're not going to get fuckall for accuracy with that handle Ihave made parts for the international space station and i really don't think ability to do my job should be the requirement for a reasonable life If someone is working they should have a decent life if someone cannot work either due to lack of jobs or health they still deserve a decent life This kind of inane elitism declaring that YOU are the arbiter ofwho deserves to live is just gross assholery and utter foolishness to boot because you have bought into the myth that your hard work is what set you apartwhen all you're truly relying on in this society is luck all of us are one really bad month away from homelessness you've just been insulated enough to never have to confront that reality and develop the compassion and empathy that come from realizing how fragile your own position is I normally just ignore and delete this kind ofinane message when they come in from one of my many viral posts but you had to go and bring the symbol of my trade into it and l guarantee you i could program and machine circles around you any day Awesome response! Meme











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