bead-bead: geekwithsandwich: kakaphoe: willowwish64: babyanimalgifs: The Black Footed cat is the smallest wild cat in Africa and one of the smallest wild cats in the world. Here’s an adult kitty for size comparison: too smoll OK but you can’t mention my all-time favorite cat without also mentioning that these little motherfuckers are legendary for being 1000% ready to throw down with anyone at any time, they’ve literally been seen trying to fight a giraffe and are known to successfully bring down sheep by getting underneath them and ripping their bellies open like what the fuck, chill Their name in Afrikaans means “anthill tiger” because they’ll hide inside a hollowed out anthill and then jump out and try to rip your face off They are perfect and I love them Aw, look at these little murder muffins.