bandwidth noun a measurement of the ability of an electronic communications device or system such as a computer network to send and receive information LAKEWOOD New Jersey Achieve3000 July 19 2019 GIFS photos videos symbols Bitmojis-memes come in many forms They're our go-to when words just don't cut it and they're almost always guaranteed to elicit some laughs These days it's difficult to imagine social media without them For starters there'd be no Grumpy Cat or LOLcats-a truly cataclysmic concept-and we wouldn't have GIFS of Tyra Banks or Homer Simpson to react to friends' posts Doh! Pranksters wouldn't hatch plans to #StormArea5 either and your teachers would have no chance to post videos of themselves dancing to Harlem Shake although TBH that might be a good thing Anyway the point is that memes make the Internet-not to mention tweeting texting and snapping-infinitely more entertaining cataclysm noun something that causes great destruction violence etc curmudgeon noun a person especially an old man who is easily annoyed or angered and who often complains DjelicSIStockGetty Images Plus elicit verb to get a response information Cats on the Intemet? Cats cant realy browse the Web but they do play a big part in Intemet memes etc from someone genuflect verb to kneel on one knee and then rise again as an act of respect Extras Map Puzzle Citations Rubric Achieve3000 trying to be trendy with LoL cAtS Meme




Homer Simpson




old man


Social media

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