ATST CHED WITH HOPE ON 12218 Thanks for swiping right on Davidl In order to maximize your TinderTH experience please choose how to proceed Press 1 for cheesy pickup lines Press 2 for sexual innuendos Press 3 for a personalized poem Choose now! oday 840 A Today 358 Thank you for choosingin order to clacify did you want each of your selections to be separate? If so Press 1 now! if you want them to be combined Press 2 Lets make it a little bit of a challenge Oh dang it okay Selection confirmed eday 453 PM I wish tha with all of my heart who goes to Drury she must be smart would take this poem I've written with glee and tell me the things that she thinks of me She's cute and witty an absolute steal Girt you're thicker than a bowl of patmeal Her music taste is keen and similar to mine K Dot is amazing Boy can he rhyme! I know I'm ta and funny and cute But I can't play basketball No I can't shoot But one thing I can and I don't mean to be crass is pray that let's me pound dat ass I wish that David with all of my life will write me poems f can I be his wifely? for ever He's funny and cute what a great snack We can only hope He's got a six-pack If not this girl likes dad bods too I really just want you to be my But his height is outrageous If only he knew She might be a steal but she's pretty tall too His smile is to die for he's probably got some class Oh how I can't wait to tap dat ass To myself I wondered How sall could she be? 6'126'2? Or even 6'3 But then I laughed until I eould barely see surely she can't taller than me I do have abs but they don't A twig I am 185 lbs Your poem impressed me but I Did you mean you want to tap my Not that tall but fairly close 6'1 am not on my tippy toes How impressed you make me will all your rhymes I may not be perfect But I can tell you're a dime l might have slipped up Why am I such trash? l really meant for you to tap MY ass Wow 6'07 Tall girls are my fave After we have sex I'd tell you good game And then we can go loak down on our peers From our higher altitudes they'll cower in fear And then we can go and share Or maybe mosey on down to As for the slip up i it's an honest Wont sway me from wanting your All of this sounds fun but first i must ask Ey bby u got Snapchat? I’ve met my match Literally Meme




dat ass







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