At the end of the day you will not remember the person with the most beautiful face but you will remember the person with the most beautiful heart and soul The evidence that humans are social creatures is comprehensive and undeniable Reciprocal relationships are an essential aspect of wellness for human beings Paying closer attention to acquaintanceships friendships and kinships can help people to improve their health success and prosperity Relationships are proven not only to be good for our physical health but our spiritual and emotional health as well It is through our relating with other human beings that we grow and evolve – and how we deepen and expand our experience of love and meaning Marianne Williamson once famously stated “when you get serious about The Universe The Universe gets serious about you” Among the most effective ways to show The Universe that you are serious about life is by spending a little extra time and energy on the connections you have with particular people in your life The ultimate social experiment is to try to examine one’s own relationships with fresh eyes It sounds easy but in reality cultivating new relationships – and deepening existing ones – requires conscious effort and a strategy What you need to get started are 1 a positive attitude 2 a relationship list 3 and a relationship action plan - © David Findley - Dane Findle - Meme











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