AT&T mfacebookcom Kyle Clark 34 mins There's a man named Paul who leaves me a daily voice mail about conservative politics He's usually polite He's called for years But I've been worrying about him lately When I say Paul calls every day I mean every day He called on Thanksgiving He wished me a Happy Thanksgiving Then talked about immigration I was kind of bummed because l was working Thanksgiving and just missed his call while I was on the air Paul never leaves his number or his full name I think he calls overnight or sometimes when he knows I'm on the air because l've never been at my desk for one of his calls Maybe he doesn't want to talk to me just my voice mail Paul occasionally mentions his failing health Not in a complaining way Very matter of fact But his voice has changed lately I know he was in the hospital a few months ago because he didn't call for a week He told me about it when he got home I got back from a vacation at Christmas time and didn't have a single voice mail from Paul I started to get worried I wondered What his Christmas Was liKe I know he has a daughter He talks about her sometimes It sounds like they get along well t'd been almost two weeks since l heard from Paul Each day I come into work and look for the red message waiting light on my desk phone It's usually lit but the messages weren't Paul I sometimes delete a message partway through just to see if the next one is him Long way of getting to say this but I came off the set from the news tonight and the red light was on It was Paul He sounded OK Not great But OK He talked about his daughter And the border wall It made my day I hope he calls tomorrow 0p 50 Back Forward Home Bookmarks Tabs Meme











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