April 172018 Guysthe world as we know it is not what we think it is A long time ago dark forces took control of our world and designed many many traps In order to enslave and harm us This is why there is so much darkness suffering and lack on this planet These traps are more complicated than we realize Besides the economic slave system and the religious nonsense they have poured down our throats since we were born reason hat they are able r that being t some God they have built for us an astral playground and have given us psychic abilities such as clairvoyance ability to astral project telekinesis ability to explore other dimensions realms and planets ability to communicate with higher beings ability to see the future etc so we would stay in our fantasy world and never find out all the horrible torturous things they did to us None of these abilities are real! When we have these special skills we falsely believe we are awake enlightened and fully aware of the truth and basically willingly walk right into the trap The real truth is that we have bigger and better abilities than the fake darks have given us They just have blocked us from accessing them They gave us fake abilities so that we would never wake up to our own innate power Many things in the common spiritual world are controlled by darks For instance synchronicity is just darks manipulating our environment to lead us astray Chakras are dark implants Channelings are not trustworthy as the information received comes straight from the darks Karma is a dark tool meant to enslave us Spiritual awakening symptoms are most likely just the effects of darks attacking us and taking advantage of us while we cling on to the belief that we are spiritually evolving If we're waiting to spiritually ascend we'll be walting forever No one single event is going to liberate this planet we have to do all the work ourselves Love is the best thing ever but it is not always the answer Believing in this will only give the darks permission to harm us as we send more love and forgiveness to them Our loving energy can't heal them unfortunately Remember-they created this beautiful enchanting world and these beliefs in order to keep you away from yourselves! Please realize the amazing power you have within you and declare your sovereignty Archangels spirit guides ascended masters and benevolent ETs are only dark beings pretending to be of the light Please don't work with them! They will only suck your power There are higher beings out there that are positive but they are not allowed to intervene Any being that is down here helping is not light All you need is yourself and no one else We are also not all one We are not part of some higher God or Source Although the idea may sound enticing there is no conscious all-loving omniscient creator That is only a dark lie with the intention of diminishing your power by telling you that you belong to something larger and to force you backwards in evolution We are here as unique beings This is what we've evolved into Merging with the whole would mean that you lose all the evolutionary progress you made You have all the power you need inside yourself Spiritual beliefs were created by darks ino nergy Whenever we pray to s the C rder ep us asleep kes it easler for ther rd to hear but the truth can we ma further their dark ways sometimes be mislead you The idea of love and light was spread ju docile submissiv I know this is very h Please stop letting the darks exploit misuse and armful things tha is power and we have to spr ge out of the trap together! The re is a bright future ahead of us if we are ply apologize if this sounds so jarring to the mind but please consider what I've said ave to believe what I'm saying but at lea sier r it It's ce stay asleep in a fantasy world but is that con at you truly want? The truth might hurt at first but it gets sweeter onc If you've read this far I commend you It's not information war going an easy read but there is an and this stuff needs to get out there in the n hank you for taking the time Please take a look at these links for more detailed information Oneness lIllusion Creation Astral Disneyland httpforumpresbeia orgviewtopicphp?f-81&t-2194 and httpforumpresbeia-pro viewtopicphp?f-47&t-228 Oneness httpforumpresbeia-pro rgviewtopicphp? e Divine Plan httpltorumpresbela-p rgviewtopicphp?f-79& Benevolent ETs httpforumpresbeia-pro rgviewtopicphp?f-26& r Purpose in Life httpforumpresbeia-prot viewtopicphp?f-47&t-2255 Divinity httpforumpresbela-protolorgviewtopicphp?f-47&t-1826 Become Who You Really Are! httpforumpresbeia-protolorg viewtopicphp?f-47&t-1647 Who are the Protoi and what do they stand for? httpforumpresbeia protolorgviewtopicphp?f-17&t-2357 and httpforumpresbela-protolorg viewtopicphp?f-17&t-2384 What is this forum all about? httpforumpresbela-protolorg viewtopicphp?f-47&t-2383 FORUMPRESBEIA-PROTOLORG OIC Astral Disneyland forumpresbeia-protoiorg Bitcoin cash-BCH 1E6fNymFNHsKt4F7npFsjmcZ1kAhJmTjsp Primecoin- XPM AVXopdD7VsWVswJjdG1bFvL2MsGynx9cuLEthereum-ETH 0xA3edf01 DAC540659A38F09E8d97D119C2F877b37 Litecoin-LTC LhU4nJmjaeMCGu5Wa2qacShDe1KF64UmfxBitcore-BTX Comment This is from a FB group I was subscribed to by a friend This is not the worst of it Meme









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