APPROVED Y THE OMICS DE 3 MARCH 2017 FREE EVERY FRIDAY ED SHILERANIA SUPER EDS LAD2 ON EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT MUSICS BO WONDER! AFRAID TO ASK 50 THINGS YoU PROBABLY DIDNT KNOW ED SSHEERAN ABOUT フ、 CHARFSLATING SINGER-SONGHRITER WEMBLEYCONQUERING SOLO ARTIST AND BARBIE DOLL OWNER? AS ED SHEERAN RELEASES NEW ALBUM WE DG OUT A HALF CENTURY OF NUGGETS SURPRISING SUPERSTAR ART BY BUTCHER BILLY WORDS B HARK BEAUNONT HE NAMES HIS GUITARS They a Keith Nigeland the one that does battle WITH THE STARS I had Van Momison take me for oyd HE TOOK THE SWEARING OFF 'X BECAUSE A CAB DRIVER TOLD HIM TO breakfast and tell me he loved me he told Radio X And I've had Eric Clapton come to my house for dinner- I've gone to his house for dinner and he tells me that he likes my music HE MISSED THE NORTHERN LIGHTS BECAUSE HE'D BOILED HIS FOOT We all know about the scar he X' originally had the odd expletive dotted about explicit lyrics out after a taxi driver convinced me to do it for hia daughter Sheeran revealed when His dad John is an art historian his mum managed to melt the skin off his foot when he lrmogen designs jewe llery and his brother Matthew 25th birthday They were like Don't walk over there!' Then I just slipped he told the Vodafone Big Top40 l couldn't walk for a couple of months It was disgusting when they put the skin graft on The skin has to heal over it It was bad ED'S CAT HAS MORE TWITTER FOLLOWERS THAN YOU AND ALL YOUR FRIENDS PUT TOGETHER In 2014 Sheeran created a Twitter account for his kitten Graham whonotched up 71000 followers almost ovemight by sitting on a guitar demanding HIS MUSIC IS A PASSION-KILLER FOR HIS COUSIN milk and proudly telling the worild every time he She's not tbo keen Sheeran told Shoboy radio She gets brought back and wooed by guys they put me on to set the mood and she goes 1'm not shat the bed Follow him &GrahamShizza HIS SECOND ALBUM Purrn outloud 9onna get off to my cousin LEAKED AND NO ONE NOTICED DRUM 'N' BASS ICON GOLDIE IS HIS FINANCIAL ADVISOR unexpectedły Sheeran feared he'd blown his big comeback Exceptno one could tell they were his songs and the leak went by virtually unnoticed As soon as stuff started to go well Sheeran revealed Goldie rang me up and goes 'don't bea HE PREVIEWED NEW ALBUMTO HALF HE ONCE RECEIVED A HAIR CAKE FROM A FAN OF WESTEROS Game Of Thrones lot were at he told Radio1 They allendedup back at my house I'd never met some of them before and said Do you want never eat the edible gifts As Sheeran found to his cost when he cut into a cake sent to him by a fan onty to find it was full of hair 15 HE HAS A PLAN TO ESCAPE wWiII CLAIMING THE IRCN THRONE HIMSELF about gaining New Zealand citizenship because been trying toget Sheeran to make a cameo appearance following in the footsteps of Coldplay drummer Will Champion and Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody But schedules were against him Every time they shoot I'm on tour he told The Sun be bothered to come that far to invade HE HE HAS COLOURS FOR ALL OF HIS SONGS he's said You Need Me I Don't Need You BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH WOULDN'T DANCE IN HIS VIDEO The for HE'S A SECOND COUSIN OF GORDON BURNS PRESENTE OF '80S GAME SHOW THE KRYPTON FACTOR I only found out when I played Manchester Apollo he told the Guardian That 's when I met him I'm second cousins with about 100 people Sing' but his US agent vetoeditas according to Sheeran It's not right for him right now ELTON JOHN MADE HIM RELEASE 'SING Initially the uncharacteristically upbeat HE ALMOST CHANGED HIS NAME TO REDWARD R&B track co-written with Pharrell Williams wasn't going to be on 'x' at all until Elton John He ment fresh start His choice? Redward Edward with an office and told him That's your first single HE DOESN'T ANSWER HE'SA FRESH UNKNOWN NUMBER' PHONE CALLS PRINCE FANATIC It's because he received quite a few death threats when he first made waves in 2011 the rap from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air into his songs onstage it's just a hint of his obsession with Will Smith's '90s show- he's even had a tattoo in honour ot it Although that said Sheeran has had HE'S ANTI- SMARTPHONE re travelling the world to visit countries he'd toured but never seen very much of he ditched his iPhone and never wanted to go back to it lenjoy life without a phone - it's a lot less hassle he said HE SPENT A WEEK SLEEPING ON THE CIRCLE LINE HE ONCE GOT A BARBIE DOLL FOR HIS BIRTHDAY For a week during his much talked-about homeless years in London Sheeran would finish gigs stay up drinking into the early hours wait until 5am for the tube to open and then get four hours It was a gift from his brother He definitely didnt it not HE WAS BORN TO SOUNDTRACK THE HOBBIT BUCKINGHAM PALACE Well in a stone archway outsice handily fitted with a heating vent Three years latet he'd made it inside the palace playing to When' Sheeranwas asked to write a song for Peter The Hobbit The Desolation Of the Queen at her Diamond Jubilee party HE OBSESSIVELY TRACKS HIS SALES grandfather's first edition of the novel was the PETER JACKSON STRAPPED HIM TO A PLANE Sheeran leaps online to check how the publicity has affected his sales It's just because I've never been good at anything betore he told The Bg at s As soon as he got the call about The Hobbit fronm Jackson Sheeran raced from a wedding in lbiza to Wellington New Zealand where the director keeps his collection of WWl airplanes He strapped me to the front of one of them and flew me around Sheeran told Entertainment Tonight academic award This is the only thing in my life that I can win at Unless Acele's about obviously HE WAS DISCOVERED BY JAMIE FOXX The first of Sheeran's numerous NANDO'S MADE A SAUCE FOR HIM big breaks came when he lanced a slot on Jamie Foxx's radio show in LA He ended up hanging out in Foxx's Hollywood mansion as the major what's believed to be a mythical Nando's black card allowing him free food from theirrestaurants whenever he likes the peri-peri chicken chain went one furtherand created a special 'Ed's Peri-Peri HE COULD NAIL STRICTLY teachers on tour with him for thre weeks and spent five hours a day practising for the Thinking PIZZA EXPRESS MADE HIM A TRIBUTE PIZZA For his 26th birthday Pizza Express 15 billion YouTube views HE'S CONSIDERING MAKING AN ACOUSTIC RECORD made from Calabrese ingredients HIS VIDEO FOR 'THE A-TEAM' COST £20 th album titles the next will have to be- which he's thought about making a stripped-back affair on ction HE'S TATTOO BROS WITH HARRY STYLES HE CAN FIT A LOT OF STUFF IN HIS MOUTH A video of a teenage Sheeran online Hard-nut Sheeran went for the full portrait while soft-boy S tyles just had the name done Maltesers in his mouth before gagging HARRY STYLES IS BLACKMAILING HIM HIS TEENAGE YEARS WERE TOUGH He has a video of a young eardrum a squint a stutter and a port-wine he's threatened to publish if Sheeran upsets him HE'S A GREAT DATE Heonce flew halfway around the world to spendan afternoon ROBBIE WILLIAMS WORRIES ABOUT HIM room for an agony uncle session He chatted to me for two hours Sheeran told New Zealand's FVM radio station Really intense chatting like Are you OK? Are you doing any drugs? How's the stress level? How are relationships? HE WROTE A SONG AT A FUNERAL Afire Love' from 'x was dedicated to his Irish Catholic grandfather who suffered fromm Alzheimer's for 20 years before his death in 2013 Sheeran finished writing the song at his funeral E'S BEEN IN TWO SITCOMS AND A SOAP They are New Zealand comedy Shortland Street US sitcom Undate able and HIS ACTING NEEDED SPECIAL HELP In the film Bridget Jones's Baby actor Sarah Solemani wanted him to look more taken aback during their scene so she surprised him by stripping off and dancing in her underwear HE HELPS PEOPLE HAVE SEX A cousin of mine went on a girls JORDAN FROM RIZZLE KICKS A ROLEX FOR HIS BIRTHDAY tripSheeran's said They were in a bar and a came up saying Do you wanna come back on the radio - my name's to mine? Ive got a song Ed Sheeran' Apparently it works for him There's loads of ginger people who are having a lot of fun I'm not hating on it - we're finally getting laid! HIS BODY IS HE MADE A FANTASTIC GINGERBREAD MAN AT HALLOWEEN OF HIS CAREER Almost all of Sheeran's many tattoos have some link to his career thus far One inking marks his first single The A-Team' another his single Bloodstream' He even has a Lego head tattoo as a nod to Lego House' but sadly no full-face portrait of Rupert Grint on his arse Before he named his record label Gingerbread Sheeran had dressed as the Gingerbread Man from Shrekon Halloween in 2013 HE'S WRITTEN A SONG ABOUT AN A-LIST LOVE TRIANGLE HE WAS GQ'S WORST DRESSED MAN IN 2013 I still wear skater hoodies jeans Don't' from Sheeran's second studio albumx is alleged to be about him Ellie Goulding and One Direction's Niall Horan Ed himself told Fuse andskater shoes he told the men's style mag the song opened up a door that I probably shouldn't have opened up I just won'tsay who it's about because I mean everyone everyone HE'S WORKING TO A 15-ALBUM MAXIMUM PROFIT PLAN The first five EPs then the first album + then 'x and now 밝 There'll be two more in this series of five albums and then five more after that he's explained My benchmark for the second album was Coldplay This album it's Springsteen l do have numerical targets I did 14 million of x' and I want to do 20 million of It's the best album I could have made so why not want to win? Why notwant to sell 20 million? HE'S WRITTEN FOR EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG You'll be aware of his writing credits for One Direction and Taylor Swift but Sheeran has also penned songs for The Weeknd Jessie Ware Rudimental Usher Justin Bieber Major Lazer Hillsry Duff Robbie Williams Ollty Murs NME ginger-food-lover-ed Ed Sheeran Meme











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