antifamutant: immaplatypus: snarling-through-our-smiles: san-likes-ashitaka: iconuk01: ihascookies: jackfrost-flakes: tahnospanties: missjudygarland: cammadanar: This was a big deal once. Look at the CG animation on hair now: oh my god, i remember watching the special features of the incredibles and they kept saying how difficult violet’s hair was to animate. excuse me i think we’re forgetting someone else’s beautiful hair YOU’RE RIGHT Are we really overlooking the Disney/Pixar character with 2,320,413 individually animated hairs? can’t forget this lil Dreamworks lady’s hair One of the senior animators actually spent six fucking years trying to write a new program to animate Rapunzel’s hair. adding to the comment above, it turns out that disney had to actually hire someone with a PhD in animating human hair to get rapunzel’s hair correct a PhD in hair Imagine hearing about Disney need someone with a hair PhD and finally being able to say: “This is my time”.