ANTI-VEGAN PROPAGANDA BINGO Meat cured my parents long term diseaes forgots to take Eat like a Lion also advises to down video few weeks ago Carnivore Doc Meat gives Only eating meat made by you all the nutrients sells father get rid of all meds take supplements for calcium one week later my dad's in a Plants don't want you to kill Eat healthy food prepares shitload of supplements on his site electrolytes and vitamin C rehab right now them eat animals steak and bacon saying her mom got cancer Vegans YouTubers are selling They store their food in mason jarstores organs of cookbooks video is Cattle farmers creating fake Gets arrested for eating Spotlessstaged kitchen dirty ex-vegan accounts to spread Only vegans eat avocado chia animals with citricacid to eat squirrel in public because our parterned with meat kitches are norm companies misinformation seeds out of season produce it after few months ancestors lived like that bruh Soy has estrogen but drinks a Only eating meat helps them large mammalian breastmilk Vegans only eat salad stop Only vegans use Farmer's connect to different types of which has real estrogen Why do they yoga all the Tofu is a processed food instead of phyto mimmicking out food Sorry I cant sacrifice meat for people market time bruh? cooks hotdogs with butter Doesn't speak against chemical farming introduced in wW2 but speaks like they know history of food system the planet Imao alsovegans Regenerative cattle farming is don't give a shit about the My grandpa smoked till 140yrS Plant based protein has no Vegans don't love animals I do future forgets it will need and never got lung cancer use for humans planet All vegan atheletes are on more land and resources Uses anecdotes non-science Poor people are dying of hungercountry that are starving their own people to sell soy to the West roids on an earlier podcast Doesn't believe in blood test Eats rotting flesh from a jar Its SO GOOD GUYS pukes unfounded industry funded studies to debunk plant dased Every cattle farmer is now an claims to have have been and when does LDL and Triglycerides are skyhigh taking steroids for 10yrs animal scientist right away diet All scientists Listens to acupuncturists and Plant based doctors want your Plant based diet is starvation Humans need Cholesterol but Industry funded studies are never speaks about HDL and fine they know what they are LDL separately environmentalists & doctors Chiropractors who perform money keeps taking pills tests and surgeries to stay diet only eats a steak and eggs for breakfast skips lunch speaking against meat and dairy consumption are vegans I don't lie to my kids about their food like vegans the their studies over podcasts doing Dairy fed industrial raw soy and webinars alive fora bulletroof coffee Vegans use spices in every food lol adds spices Vegans are violent uses This 10yo survey by a coupon Vegans are malnourished doesn't knowa single vegan isolate to mice in huge doses sexist supremacist ableist and they got cancer proven company says all vegans go back after few years cheese and veal are from seasonings and sauce to make slurs at vegans when cant soy gives humans cancer happy cows and calves the flesh edible logically debate IRL A small summary of YouTube carnivores and anti-vegan propaganda machine! Meme











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