Anonymous 57058006 18 hr ago >Playing with female DM -She places 'great work and well donel' stickers on character sheets of players she thinks did a good job that session Literally what does she mean by this? 976 kB PNG 31 REPLIES 44 IMAGES REPLY 390 2059310 Anon! Its not nice to use autistic as an insult Im realy disappointed in you I have to take away one of your gold 57059106 Not wanting great work stickers stars for that ago 57059765 We used to have a DM but he got tired of DMing so we tried out this ad one of us found on a flyer and met her at the library At first we played at one guy's dorm but she didn't like that because it was messy and we usually wouldn't bother showering sometimes or dressing wel because we didn't care but now we play at her place and she says we have to smell good and be well dressed before she lets us inside It's a bit annoying sometimes but she calls us handsome when we do and I don't hear that very often I don't know what she does for work and she gives out stickers for good roleplaying clever tactics and letting everyone do something Everyone gets given at least 1 sticker a session though And no she hasn't said anything about the other stickers except that she's saving them 16 hr 57059631 How the fuck do you not know what your DM works as? AnonymoUs 57059970 15 hrago r ago Because it's not just that I like her as a DM but sometimes she'll do really embarrassing things like hold a kareoke contest in game and then play songs from Grease and make us all sing 57059812 I haven't asked her One guy tried to once but we're not supposed to talk about non game related stuff whern we're playing and she jokingly threatened to take away one of his stickers but she's never done that before so we knew she was actually being serious At the start she always cooked something but then she offered an extra sticker if we'd do it and gave us some printed laminated recipe sheets so we take it in turns to bring food now twee-lil-lass rubegoldbergsaciddreams oh my god what a hero This girl is doing god’s work I swear Meme




oh my god







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