Anonymous 080519Mon004637 No1572862 >Mom constantly lectures me about needing to go outside more often Threatens to shut off internet if don't Go outside >Remember friend telling me how 30 KB JPG beautiful the local woods are >Go to woods It is beautiful here >Run into cyotey >Slowly back away and pick up stick >Swing stick around while yelling like a giant tard >Cyotey leaves me alone >Go home feeling like a badass >Turns out later that I had been bitten by a tick >Now have Lyme disease >I fucking hate the outdoors Did I do the proper thing when dealing with a wild animal? 080619Tue163810 No1573767 Anonymous >>1572862 OP # son is a loser >draining the best years of your life read about local lyme disease outbreak 54 KB JPG >send son into woods >gets disease >hope he dies so you can finally break free >>1573772 # >>1576129 # Anonymous 080619Tue200003 No1573860 >>1572862 OP # Be cyotey >Treading through woods >See fat little boy >Fat little boy sees me >Begin contemplating plan of how to lure this scrumptious morsel into a trap where the rest of the 106 MB JPG pack can attack him >Kid picks up stick and begins swinging around and yelling like an idiot >Oh he's retarded >Feel bad for him and decide to leave him alone He'll probably do something stupid anyway >Like walk through tall grasses and bushes >Get bitten by ticks and get Lyme disease >Could possibly even die >Poor retard >>1576129 # 081019Sat005728 No1576 Anonymous 89 >be stick >lounging innawoods >getting that termite pussy see the local cyotey >fuckdonttakeme 15 KB PNG >cyotey stops stares down something >can't move im a stick suddenly launched into the air >some fat autistic kid has grappled onto me and is making moose sounds >getting swung around if i could throw up i would my fucking termite gf got thrown downwards at 300mph >cyotey walks away stunned at the local autist's display >get thrown down to the ground >breaks my spine >1576129 Anon is an outdoorsman autismo Meme

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