annoyedlord Sometimes I say self loathing things to my therapist and he looks at me dead in the eyes before saying You fucking moron and tbh same annoyedlord Me I think I don't exist Therapist Listen you do exist and if you didn't someone would have to create you because the world would be a much sadder place Me Jerome how dare you saying something so sweet when I'm dissociating annoyedlord Me Honestly thing that is totally fucked up for any 'sane' person is normal right? Therapist No Me Wow Therapist You're just a fucked up bitch Me I do agree with the fucked up bitch part Therapist That's a start! annoyedlord Me I guess he's still my friend? Therapist Considering what you told me and how much you wanna beat him to death he's not You pretty much hate him despite knowing him for years Me Me Why did I need to come here to realize that Therapist Becaus understand some stuff Also because you're hat's my job to help you to way too kind and you would let someone punch you in the guts and still consider them as your friend while they stab you Me I don't need that kind of call out Jerome annoyedlord Me Hey I brought you coffee And croissants too but I ate them puts Starbucks coffee in front of him Therapist Oh that's nice!! Oh my name is on it!! Me Yeah!! Therapist It's wholesome but very confused and silently* How do I drink it? annoyedlord Me not being able to come to my appointment and having to call him I'm sorry it's all my fault I'm so so so sorr- Therapist I dare you to say sorry one more time I dare you annoyedlord Therapist Hey I wanna show you this super funny image I found the other day Me What Therapist *turns his screen and show me THIS mum did you want a i wanted daughter or a son? to fuck Me Me Jerome annoyedlord Therapist You went to the gaypride? Me Yeah I went Therapist Wasit something you enjoyed? Me Mh Yeah Sorta Therapist Did you see some bears? Me Me Jerome wh Therapist That's the only term I know outside of the LGTB one I wanted to use it annoyedlord Therapist Are you sure you're not becoming roommate with name because of pity? Kinda sacrificing yourself? Me No I want it! Therapist Finally you're not forcing yourself for the others! And you're doing something you want! I'm proud of you! Me You're more of a dad than my own father Therapist That's not very hard annoyedlord Me I always wondered are you queer? Therapist I am not Me Ooh Therapist Or am I? Me Ooh! annoyedlord As an update Jerome gave my appointment to someone's else today so we were both in the waiting room confused and he walked in patted my head and said sorry but honestly it was hilarious The secretary came to tell me that Jerome actually forgot to write me down on the appointment list This is a 100% normal situation with Jerome as my Therapist annoyedlord As an addition more than half of my friends want Jerome to adopt me and refer to him as Therapist dad He's aware of it and think it's hilarious annoyedlord Me after complaining for the 25 times about my birth father Idk if you noticed but I'm full of anger against him Therapist Oh really I never noticed You know you should turn that anger into indifference It would help you Me Unholy gods I wish it was me annoyedlord Therapist You know people will still love you even if you don't offer them things all the time You don't have to do that Me What?? annoyedlord Therapist Why don't you send a mail to your psychiatrist when you have a bad mood swing? Me Like what? 'Hey Joël wassup I've been very suicidal lately last night I wanted to die Hope you have rad vacations and the weed is good save some good kush for me kissy kissy' ? Therapist Exactly Me You're as bad as me with human interactions Jerome y'know annoyedlord Me heavily dissociating I don't exist Therapist Can I touch you to prove you that you do? Me Dinner first Therapist Therapist Damien you moron annoyedlord Therapist You need vacations Me I'm broke Therapist Oh yeah Therapist You still need vacations tho Me Jerome l am still broke annoyedlord Me by text Hey you just walk by me! Therapist by text Oh sorry I didn't see you Therapist by text Wait Were you at the tattoo shop? Me by text totally at the tattoo shop You have no proof annoyedlord For a bit of context here Around two months ago I went to a friend's who happened the live on the same street as Jerome which I didn't know He was really surprised to see me and came to check on me asking me why I was here with a bit of concern on his voice And this take place earlier this month Therapist So your friend lives in the same street than I? Me Yes Town's short I guess Therapist Were you really going to your friend? Me Yes?? Why else would I be here? Therapist A lot of drug deals happen in this street and I see often teenagers and young adults coming and buy stuffs I was a bit worried for you annoyedlord Me at 2pm I'm sorry l'm going to be late! Therapist Your appointment was this morning at 1130am Damien Me MeWhat annoyedlord Jerome is still not aware of his fame and idk how to announce him annoyedlord Therapist What's up with you and wanting domestic rats Me I'm gonna get a rat and call him Jerome just to piss you off Therapist Therapist How dare you annoyedlord Therapist Weed doesn't do much on me and I must admit l'm kinda disappointed Me Therapist Do you smoke? Me Jerome Jerome knows what the fuck is up Meme











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