An Indian flight attendant hid the passports of American passengers on board a hijacked flight to save them from the hijackers She died while shielding three children from a hail of bullets Her name was Neerja Bhanot and she died a hero fbcom questionall Yesterday would have been her 52nd birthday but PAN AM Flight Attendant Neerja Bhanot of Chandigarh India died at 23 being a hero She is credited with saving the lives of 360 passengers onboard PAN AM 73 When radical Islamic terrorists hijacked her AC in Karachi Pakistan she informed the pilots who used their escape hatch to runaway and kept both the passengersremaining crew calm When the terrorists demanded to know who the Americans were on the flight so they could execute them she gathered all the passports and hid the ones belonging to Americans under seat cushions The terrorists confused and unable to determine the national origins of the passengers didn’t execute anyone When Pakistani police raided the plane she was able to nearly singlehandedly evacuate all the passengers as the firefight ensued She being one of the last people on board did a last check and found three children still hiding As she led the children to safety the surviving terrorists spotted the children and opened fire on them Neerja jumped in the way of the bullets and was mortally wounded She was able to evac the children to safety before dying from her wounds Neerja was awarded the Ashok Chakra Award by India the highest peacetime gallantry award possible She was the youngest and first civilian to ever be awarded this honor Thanks to Shattered Citadel for this! Meme










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