Amazon Customer So hot it almost killed my grandma and she never even tasted it May 2 2018 Size 5 Ounce Pack of 1 Verified Purchase Whoever packaged my order of this deserves to be fired They decided an envelope and some bubble wrap was sufficient It wasn't In my excitement I didn't question the undoubtedly questionable packaging I ripped open the package and took out the bubble wrapped bottle As I unwrapped it to my horror the broken bottom of the bottle fell onto my hand and carpet I rushed to my kitchen and in one of the least thought out and reckless moves of my life I washed out the bottle with hot water It was my greatest mistake of that day The already toxic fumes clinged to the steam causing an absolute hellish gas to begin spewing from the sink All too quickly the horrid concoction filled the air of our kitchen My sister witnessed the horror and believed me to be exaggerating the suffering my mistake had caused me My lungs were breached by the tainted air and induced a violent uncontrollable retching I told her to get to safety as I ran outside myself She quickly realized I was sincere as the gaseous death reached her My grandmother believed she was stronger than the toxisity that now filled our kitchen In a brave act she ignored our warnings to see for herself the calamity I had wrought onto our home Her lungs weakened by age and asthma were instantly marred She nearly fell to the hell-smoke's clutches but in an act of mercy from a divine power she was able to escape and seek safety in the open air of our backyard After the st-storm had lessened I realized that I still had some of the deadly sauce on my hand I quickly doused it off with water from our hose but it was too late The sauce had inflicted a chemical burn that haunted me for nearly a week after I was unable to take warm showers and harsh sunlight irritated my skin greatly While this sauce almost single-handedly killed me and my loved ones via suffocation I feel obliged to give it five stars I knew this sauce would bring me pain when purchased it but I gravely underestimated the true power of my foe and have been taught to never make such a mistake again This sauce has humbled me with it's cruel and unapologetic potency Use caution when handling this product especially if it comes in an envelope Read less 213 people found this helpful Helpful Comment Report abuse My roommate &amp I decided to order some Hot Ones sauces to try Then found this review Meme











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