Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano Follow Ns NEWS MARIJU 414 PM 18 Apr 2018 MAKEMAT 1593 Retweets 4735 Likes 主与玉丰丰 -- libertarirynn vaporwavevocap cheshireinthemiddle napoleonbonerfarte cheshireinthemiddle pseudopupil cheshireinthemiddle hardboiledoldman cheshireinthemiddle hardboiledoldman cheshireinthemiddle But you knowingly broke the law You could sleep with a 17 year old and the age of consent of your state can lower the next year You still broke the law You’re an unfathomably dumb cunt At least I have a good argument And since i’ve already gone into great detail proving my point unless you have something constructive to add move along A sound argument is not a good argument you dummy Making a sound argument isn’t the same thing as making a good one and you’ve made a bad argument cause you’re a dumb as fuck bootlicker We all know breaking the law has consequences doesn’t mean we have to think it’s morally good you brain-worm-riddled moron Something being normal and the accepted reality doesn’t make it reasonable or good You’re not smart and your rhetoric is garbage-tier Eat shit A sound argument is one that is well thought out and covers its bases Which is what I gave Your counterargument is…insults You personally not agreeing with a law doesnt mean that you can just break it If youre an immigrant coming from a country with a liwer legal drinking age or age of consent you can see breaking those laws in the US as harmless You can think they are stupid laws They might even change in the future But if you break them in the US you will be punished “I personally dont find an Issue with this law” is not a defense If you want to do something illegal and think it is unfair work to have the law changed Advocate for its change And abide by the new rules in this case get a license sell only to specific people and dont sell to children And this isnt slavery This isnt criminalized homosexuality This isnt infringing on your right to live You can wait to get high in this particular method or sell it to others after it has been legalized It isnt that hard You are such an idiot and coward “Breaking the law is illegal” is the entirety of what you’re saying congrats on your basic baby brain logic but its still fucking pathetic you’re defending a heinous prison system simply because you are pussy who loves authority and pointless contrarianism Like it IS a stupid law and the point of this comic is that no one should lose years or any time! of their life over it If the government made a law that jaywalking is a felony you’d defend people being locked away only because they “broke the law” Thats stupid and says more about you than anything Grow a spine you slug Another person who just insults and doesnt read The argument isnt “breaking the law is illegal” but that knowingly breaking the law comes with predictable punishments If you dont agree with a law you advocate for its change You dont personally get to decide what is and isnt a stupid law The age of consent in France is 15 And if you live in France that could seem harmless But if you immigrated to Japan or the US and started sleeping with 15 year olds you can argue that it is harmless all you want but it is still illegal The government has made leaving your preteen or lower child home alone as a form child abuse You can have your children taken away if you do it too much I was left alone at 8 years old All the time I was fine The other little kids left alone were fine We could handle ourselves We and Our parents saw it as “harmless” That doesnt mean the parents cant be pubished for it “I will break this law because i personally dont like itthink it’s harmless” is acceptable to you until it is used on a law that you actually support “maybe if those jews didn’t want to get sent to concentration camps they shouldn’t have been jewish in poland” that’s exactly what you sound like lmao I’m really not sure what argument you’re trying to go for right now? Oh i’m sorry I guess you getting high is comparable to persecution now Your argument can be used to justify breaking literally any law There is a HUGE difference between laws that violate your right to live and laws that you just dont feel like following If you cant see the difference then i feel very sorry for you It is persecution if there is no victim there is no crime therefore treating people like criminals without a crime is persecution What she said ^ Also forcing people into legal slavery by arresting and imprisoning them for victimless crimes sure as shit sounds like persecution to me Meme

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