Also known for Seasonal Seiyuu Spotlight Taniyama Kishou Age 41 Birthday 11th of August Jean Kirstein Kittan Bachika Stiyl Magnus Hanai Azusa Year of anime debut 1994 Number of anime roles 80+ K Roles in Fall 2016 Himuro Tatsuya Tsukimori Len Sawamura Seiji Sloth Nakahara Chuuya Kusakabe Kiryuu Shinomiya Natsuki Crow Fungami Yuuya in occultic Nine in Uta no Prince-Sama inshow by Rock!! S2 in Jojo Diamond in Bungou Stray Dogs S2 is Unbreakable Legend Star Admin Urushihara of Anime Trending at httpswwwfacebookcomAnitrendz After a small break the Seiyuu Spotlight Series is back with yet another seiyuu who deserves your attention Taniyama Kishou also known as Kishow is the vocalist and lyricist of the band Granrodeo as well as an anime voice actor He personally stated that he feels more like a singer than like a seiyuu but that he deeply enjoys both professions Operating in the mid to high range and styling a strong vibrato his voice proves perfect for the rock pieces offered by Granrodeo and many character songs as well as the fictional band ShinganCrimsonz from SbR In terms of roles his specialty lies in delinquents bishounen and loud pretty boys the last of which utilizes the skill sets of the two previous ones As for trivia Hometown Yamaguchi Japan Blood type B Nickname Kiiyan きーやん Twitter @kishownstarmaps Started the band Granrodeo and 2005 and intensely celebrated their 10th anniversary concert with many guest artists such as Miyano Mamoru or FLOW Graduated from Yoyogi Animation Gakuin Privately a big fan of LA Lakers and Tennis esp Roger Federer Rafael Nadal Adored by Ono Yuuki and Eguchi Takuya Loves horror books and cycling not at once Allergic to cats and has a huge fear of frogs His character in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Kittan was originally supposed to die early in the series but when the GAINAX team saw him and knew that he was the one who would voice Kittan they decided to extend his role and gave him more screen time now THAT's influential Probably doesn't count as trivia but he's in my all time top 5 favorite seiyuu y Do you have any favorite character played by him? Did you know him prior to this post? Do you feel like you learned something interesting here? Be sure to like and share it with your friends if you find the Seiyuu Spotlight Series worthwhile ^^ And don't be afraid to leave me a suggestion of who to feature next time~ Admin Urushihara --- Anime of the Week Polls httpsgooglVVPEil Character Polls httpsgoogl6Ivduk Soundtrack Polls httpsgooglITwd3G Meme







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