Alone with his thoughts Johnson could not escape the torturous assault of memories and questions He could remember that night now though he tried desperately to avoid the pain He repeated over and over that it must have been a lie How could it not be? It was another of Grover's tricks He wanted so desperately to believe it but he could not He could still see her pleading eyes when his closed still feel the resistance of her neck as he pulled the blade away He could taste the flavor of her flesh in his mouth still like he'd only just takena hunk of her out of the frying pan What's more he knew she hadn't been the first No There were others her age her build that he'd killed He wasn't sure what had made him like he was but he knew where it had lead He knew he'd hated his wife it'd grown in him for years fed by every fight every snide comment He snapped one day killed a middle aged women over something mundane and realized it felt amazing Yet it'd never been enough to satisfy him for a moment until he'd killed her The guilt that'd plagued his mind was gone now replaced by the same hateful craving that had driven him before only it was now like a starving animal barking inside his mind He could see across the park a women who looked a little like his wife No not a little a lot Exactly like her It was her eyes those beedy malicious little eyes of hers God how he hated those eyes Grover's Folly And Johnson's Renewal Meme

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