Addon name Detection Frenzy Power Deep Frenzy Addon effect Deep time wound wound cooldown range increase gauge refill timer mend na None Om 10s 20s 30s 15s 4s Smiley face pin Blindness for 60s Om 10s 20s 30s 15s 4s Scratched ruler Power gauge refills 2s faster Om 10s 18s 30s 15s 4s Mischief list Frenzy lasts 08s longer Om 15s 108s 20s 30s 4s Friendship bracelet 4m Killer instinct detection range reaches 4s 10s 20s 30s 15s 4m further than terror radius Never-sleep pills 8m further than terror radius 15s 8m 10s 20s 30s 4s Mural sketch Frenzy lasts 16s longer Om 116 20s 30s 15s 4s Julies mixtape Frenzy cooldown stun is 02s shorter 20s Om 10s 30s 15s 38s Etched ruler 10s Power gauge refills 35s faster Om 165s 30s 15s 4s Mangled status effect for 60s Defaced pin 10s 30s Om 20s 15s 4s The legion pin Broken status effect for 60s 10s 30s Om 20s 15s 4s Susie's mixtape 16m further than terror radius 20s 16m 10s 30s 15s 4s Stolen sketchbook Frenzy lasts 24s longer Om 124s 20s 30s 15s 4s Nasty blade Deep wound mending takes 15s longer Om 10s 20s 30s 165s 4s Joey's mixtape Frenzy cooldown stun is 04s shorter 10s 20s 30s Om 15s 36s Deep wound timer is Frank's mixtape 75s shorter Om 10s 20s 225s 15s 4s Stab wound study 5s shorter per deep wound hit 10s 15s Om 20s 25s 4s Filthy blade Cold dirt Deep wound mending takes 35s longer 10s Om 20s 30s 185s 4s Frenzy cooldown stun is 06s shorter 10s 15s Om 20s 30s 34s Iridescent Button Vaulted pallets break huge terror radius 10s 20s Om 30s 15s 4s Fuming mixtape Om Gen repair progress as aura intensity 10s 20s 30s 15s 4s I play a lot of Legion and thought this would be helpful We need this for every killer tbh credit to int3r4ct for all that stats! Meme









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