Add Thousands of SS$ to Your Annual Income while helping others make Course positive changes to their lives with this Hypnosis Training taught by World-Renowned Dr David Frederick SaturdaySunday February 9 & 10 2019 900am to 430pm By investing just a little bit of money in yourself your education and training you can potentially re-coup that investment in less than one monthand increase your annual income after completing this amazing powerful valuable course-Clinical Hypnosis You will learn how to do stress management hypnosis for weight loss and smoking cessation past life regressions and much more With these skills you can offer both private session and programs on a part-time or full-time basis and you will discover that just 2 or 3 private sessions as a part-time hypnotist or one group program will pay for the cost of your Hypnosis training quickly and easily Soon you will sec how vou can add thousands of dollars to your bOne current annual income For example If you charge between S75 to $135 for each client visit and begin with just 5 clients per week you potentially have an added income of between $375 to S675 per week or between S19500 to $35100 a yearand that is part-time! You can offer group sessions of $25 to $60 a person and with a group of 20 people and you can earn $500 to S1200 for just a few hours of work You can also offer stress management smoking cessation and weight loss progranm banks insurance companies etc current practice begin a new career or just enhance your yearly inning of endless possibilities of ways for you to enhance your This is just the beg income This course is presented by world renowned Alternative Health Practitioner Dr Dav price Most of the Hypnosis trainers offering similar training are not knowledgeable skilled incredibly personable or world renowned as Dr Frederick yet these other are charging thousands of dollars for hypnosis certification training id Frederick at an incredible nearly as experienced well known educated You u will recoup your investment quickly and easily After that you will see how you can add thousands of dollars to our current annual income Don't miss this amazing opportunity to begin a new career Don't miss this amazing opportunity to see how many doors of opportunity become ava * Don't miss this amazing opportunity to expand your current practice Don't miss this amazing opportunity to make additional thousands of dollars each year on't miss th is amazing opportunity to help your loved ones family and friends You will learn powerful Hypnosis techniques and gain understanding about how huma n behavior works and how to 0 Help facilitate Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation ssist clients with Anxiety and Pain Management Help clients relieve and manage Stress * Learn basic NLP and Bi Techniques Course Cost $295 which you can easily recoup in f caling7 just a few weeks or months!! Save $20 by pre-paying with Dr The cost of this powerful course includes a Manual p CDs 68 Columbia Turnpike s 9&20 #16 VanDen Houten squa m dow ance East Greenbush NY 12061 minut ntown Albany 518 477-6566 Email venture Facebook http Found this at the bus stop Meme











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