Abby Norman Friday at 2104 Okay white ladies you are HORRIFIED by the behavior of #PermitPatty and #PoolPatro!Paula and we retweet in horror But WOULD YOU STOP THEM in real time? Cause that is our WHOLE JOBIf you are not sure if you would or could do that if that seems scary to you take a deep breath and remember that this confrontation won't kill you but the cops might kill whoever is being harassed Right now while you are safe at home and looking at your phone think about how you would feel and PRACTICE YOUR LINES If you can't think of any here are some for you to practice Hey! That is a CHILD LEAVE THEM ALONE! That woman was not bothering you they are allowed to be at the pool! Lots of people do XYZ behavior here there is NO REASON TO BOTHER THEM You are harassing them YOU need to leave now You are NOT ENTITLED to ask anyone for their ID You are violating this person's rights! And whip out your cell phone and record and defend and BE LOUD and MAKE A SCENE and do EVERYTHING they taught us good girls don't do No one is gonna hurt a white lady Get loud and agitated and shout Go full mom on them! SHAME ON YOU! YOU KNOW BETTER If we don't want to live in a society where this happens we need to stop it and being white and female means we are in a really good position to do this THIS! Being an ally means standing up and leveraging your privilege Meme

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