a togand toad-are-triends My favorite thing about Thomas the Tank Engine is that in canonically takes place in a train postapocalypse where the island of Sodor is the only safe zone in a totalitarian dysnopia in which steam trains are routinely killed and their body parts are sold or canmbaled for repair If you think I'm kidding you need to read the original books leontroid eenud could you please direct me to a souroei would feel much better if this was validated frog-and toad-are-friends S It took me so long to find this quote online but i did it because it's so much darker than one might expect from Thomas the Tank Engine Engines on the Other Railway arent sale now Their controllers are eruel They dont lke engines any more They put them on cold damp sidings and then Percy nearly sobbed Ihey they cecut them up The Bluebels of England Stepney the Bluebel Engine Rex Awdry Wibert London Egmont Pubshing 1963 This ilustration by Gunvor and Peter fidwards accompanied the above text in the original book and depicts a pair of unfortunate Cther Railway engines moments before being disassembled with a blowtorch A dainydice HOLY FUCK LOOK AT THE ONE IN THE BACKGROUND THEY TOOK ITS FUCONG FACE OMG trogand toad-are-tiends zidane the early thomas the tank engine books are pretty standard stuff saccharine bubblegum type stories and ilustrations you watched the show is ke that in book form the second hall of the railway series are so fucking dark and sureal im cominced they were a result of reverend wilbur awdry doing copious amounts of lad and having hallucinations of his own death frog-and toad-are-triends Eecuse me but the rery fest story in the Railway Series is about an engine who hides in a turnel and refuses to run because he doesn't want to pet his paint job ruined in the rain so railway management seals off the tunnel They eventually let him out because another engine breaks down or something but the original plan was to just leave him in there forever ahulamithbond On the show didnt they also hook up one engine to a generator so he'd never move again? That was iterally one of the inesIn Is on some other post on here I was chilling frog-and to adare-triends a Yes! This also happened in the books to an engine refemed to only as No 2 but the selevision series applied the same scenario to an inwented character named Smudger in the episode Granputf Smudges said Duke Was a show-off He rode roughly and often came off the rails I warned him to be careful but he took no notice Usten Dukie he snared Who wories about a few spils Ha aid but Smudger lghed Unil one day Manager said he was going to make him useful at last Smudger stopped laughing then Wwwhy What did he do He tumed him ito a generator He's sil there behind our shed Hell never move again deducecanse This is so fucked up 4 unclewhisky No sten Okay so we see Ralway Management doing all this shit right but supposedly ifs so much worse in the Other Ralays?i mea sure you might get tumed into generator or bricked into a tunnel for not doing as yoưre told but at least you're not cut up and sold for parts right? s not so bod on the island of Sodot right? a Or maybe thara just what Rulway Managament warta the engines to think Maybe the island of Sodor is the real totalitarian regime and the engine citizens slaves are fed propaganda kustrated in belish araes and sulfurie vellowsabout how ilustrated in helish grays and sulfuric yellows about how bad it is everywhere else at all the Other Railways You are lucky to be an engine of Seder Railmay Management cares about you Tryst Railway Management Stay on Your Track It Could Be So Much Worse connethepaganangel Wet the fuck is this train based 1984 bulshit Source frogand toad are friends 220440 netes Thomas and his friends Meme











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