A psychologist goes to Target and after visiting the make-up aisle he decides to write this letter to his young daughter Dear Little One As I write this I'm sitting in the makeup aisle of our local Target store A friend recently texted me froma different makeup aisle and told me it felt like one of the most oppressive places in the world I wanted to find out what he meant Flat OOOKS HAN UR LAF And now that I'm sitting here I'm beginning to agree with him Words have power and the words on display in this aisle have a deep power Words and phrases like Affordably gorgeous Infallible Flawless finish Brilliant strength Liquid power Go nude Age defying Instant age rewind Choose your dream Nearly naked and Natural beauty When you have a daughter you start to realize she's just as strong as everyone else in the house-a force to be reckoned with a soul on fire with the same life and gifts and passions as any man But sitting in this store aisle you also begin to realize most people won't see her that way Theyll see her as a pretty face and a body to enjoy And they'll tell her she has to look a certain way to have any worth or influence But words do have power and maybe just maybe the words of a father can begin to compete with the words of the world Maybe a father's words can deliver his daughter through this gauntlet of institutionalized shame and into a deep unshakeable sense of her own worthiness and beauty A father's words aren't different words but they are words with a radically different meaning BRILLIANT STRENGTH May your strength be not in your fingernails but in your heat May you discem in your center who you are and then may you fearfully but tenaciously live it out in the world CHOOSE YOUR DREAM But not from a department store shelf Find the still-quiet place within you A real dream has been planted there Discover what you want to do in the world And when you have chosen may you faithfully pursue it with integrity and with hope NAKED The world wants you to take your clothes off Please keep them on But take your gloves off Pull no punches Say what is in your heart Be vulnerable Embrace risk Love a world that barely knows what it means to love itself Do so nakedly Openly With abandon INFALLIBLE May you be constantly infallibly aware that infallibility doesn't exist It's an illusion created by people interested in your wallet If you choose to seek perfection may it be in an infallible grace-for yourself and for everyone around you AGE DEFYING Your skin will wrinkle and your youth will fade but your soul is ageless It will always know how to play and how to enjoy and how to revel in this one-chance life May you always defiantly resist the aging of your spirit FLAWLESS FINISH Your finish has nothing to do with how your face looks today and everything to do with how your life looks on your last day May your years be a preparation for that day May you be aged by grace may you grow in wisdom and may your love become big enough to embrace all people May your flawiess finish be a peaceful embrace of the end and the unknown that follows and may it thus be a gift to everyone who cherishes you Little One you love everything pink and frilly and I wll surely understand if someday makeup is important to you But I pray three words will remain more important to you-the last three words you say every night when I ask the question Where are you the most beautiful? Three words so bright no concealer can cover them Where are you the most beautiful? On the inside From my heart to yours Daddy you should probably go to TheMetaPicturecom lolzandtrollz Psychologist Writes The Most Perfect Letter To His Daughter Meme











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