A gentle perfect incredibly sw e et senior boy in need of TLC & a loving Snowball retirement home A true Gem! Id 75270 9 Yrs Young 64 lbs Neutered Staten Island ACC TO BE KILLED – 8312019 *** LEVEL 1 PERFECTION *** A gentle sweet senior in need of TLC for his osteoarthritis Let's get him out so he can live a life without pain A perfect and perfectly sweet senior gentleman is in need of a loving retirement home and the care he so desperately needs to live without pain osteoarthritis Great with people and other dogs Snowball is so grateful for the simple things in life A pet a cuddle a slow walk with assistance due to his rear leg lameness and loving family who will shower him with affection and provide him all the happiness his heart can hold He got a coveted LEVEL 1 rating that surprised exactly NO ONE and is perfect for a family with average dog experience As a staff member writes “To paraphrase the great children's writer Shel Silverstein They made a pup named snowball As perfect as could be I thought you'd like to keep it as a pet And let it sleep with thee Snowball is a senior boy who sometimes has a little trouble getting around but he will run circles around your heart He has been observed to be easy to handle likes his treats and enjoys nothing more than a comfy blanket and the company of a friend Won't you come down to meet this ol' boy? We're sure that once you do it will be hard not to let this Snowball warm you up!” Please won’t you take this wonderful senior a home so he does not have to die alone and friendless at the shelter The volunteers and staff adore him but they really want to see him out of the shelter and into the arms of a deserving family If you can save his life hurry and MESSAGE our page or email us at MustLoveDogsNYC@gmailcom for assistance A volunteer writes Snowball and Pepper were housemates until their owner suddenly passed away Now both of them are in need of a new home Snowball has some rear leg issues which makes walking uneasy at times They are both 9 years young and very sweet A staff member writes Snowball was brought in with another dog since his owner was found deceased He is a sweet boy that appears to have some hip or back leg issues that will need to be reevaluated by a private veterinarian MY MOVIES Sweet elderly gentleman Snowball – he asks only for love and TLC httpswwwyoutubecomwatch?v=V0n0boBm_fs Housemates <3 - with Pepper 73267 httpswwwfacebookcomsishelterdogsvideos726510047782460 SNOWBALL ID# 73270 9 Yrs old 64 lbs Neutered Male Staten Island ACC Large Mixed Breed Black White I came to the shelter as an Agency 8192019 Owner deceased Shelter Assessment Rating LEVEL 1 the best Medical Behavior Rating 1 GREEN the best! CAME IN WITH PEPPER73267 AT RISK MEMO Snowball is at risk for medical concerns Snowball has severe osteoarthritis which causing difficulty with him walking for prolonged periods He also has been diagnosed with liver disease Both of these conditions require follow up and treatment through a private veterinarian by any potential adopter There are no behavioral concerns for Snowball at this time SURRENDER NOTES – BASIC INFORMATION Snowball is a neutered large breed husky mix approximately 9 years old who was surrendered to the care center as an “Agency” He previously lived with one adult and another large mixed breed dog His behavior towards other dogs is relaxed and respectful It is unknown if Snowball is housetrained SHELTER ASSESSMENT SUMMARIES Leash Walking Strength and pulling mild Reactivity to humans none Reactivity to dogs none Leash walking comments Due to mobility issues a second leash was used to lift up Snowball's hips to help him walk Sociability Loose in room 15-20 seconds highly social Call over approaches readily Sociability comments Handling Soft handling loose body accepts contact Exuberant handling loose body accepts contact Comments Throughout the handling portion Snowball leaned his body into the handler and leaned his head onto the handler's lap Arousal Jog Arousal comments did not attempt due to mobility issues Knock no response Knock Comments Toy no interest Toy comments INTAKE BEHAVIOR - Date of intake 8192019 Summary loose body MEDICAL BEHAVIOR - Date of initial 8202019 Summary relaxed body allowed all handling ENERGY LEVEL At the care center Snowball has shown a low level of energy It is important to note that his energy level in a home environment may be different BEHAVIOR DETERMINATION Level 1 Behavior Asilomar H - Healthy MEDICAL NOTES LVT NOTES 8192019 LVT Intake Exam Microchip Scannegative Evidence of Crueltynone Observed Behaviorallowed all handling used muzzle during ortho exam took medications with treats SexMC Estimated Age~ 9 years old Subjective owner passed away brought in by NYPD As per NYPD officer snowball was on medications showed us picture of the meds - Gabapentin 300 mg PO BID and Rimadyl 75 mg PO BID Eyesclear no discharge Ears minimal waxy debris Oral Examtartar HeartNSR NMA Lungs clear eupneic Abdomensoft non-painful Musculoskeletal hind limb weakness painful on hip extension knees stable no pain on lumbar palpation MentationBAR Preliminary Assessmentpossible hip OA Plan DVM ExamRV Per Dr 1088 ok to restart Gabapentin and Rimadyl as previously prescribed VET NOTES 8202019 DVM Intake DVM Intake Exam Estimated age 9 years History brought in by police after owner passed away previously receiving gabapentin and rimadyl Subjective Observed Behavior - relaxed body allowed all handling Evidence of Cruelty seen - no Evidence of Trauma seen - no Objective BCS 59 EENT Eyes clear AU- mild waxy debris no nasal or ocular discharge noted Oral Exam mildmoderate dental calculus PLN No enlargements noted HL NSR NMA CRT < 2 Lungs clear eupneic ABD Non painful no masses palpated UG Male neutered MSI Ambulatory x 4 but hindlimb lameness diffculty rising with hindlimbs when lying down seems painful when extending hips crepitus felt at left knee skin free of parasites no masses noted healthy hair coat CNS Mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Assessment hindlimb lameness- RO osteoarthritis vs other Prognosis fair to guarded Plan continue rimadyl and gabapentin CBCChemistry 8202019 CBC slightly decreased RBC hematocrit at low end of normal Chemistry increased ALKP 931 ALT wnl- RO age related changes vs reactive hepatopathy vs neoplasia vs chronic hepatitis vs other recommend abdominal ultrasound *** TO FOSTER OR ADOPT *** HOW TO RESERVE A “TO BE KILLED” DOG ONLINE only for those who can get to the shelter IN PERSON to complete the adoption process and only for the dogs on the list NOT marked New Hope Rescue Only Follow our Step by Step directions below! *PLEASE NOTE – YOU MUST USE A PC OR TABLET – PHONE RESERVES WILL NOT WORK! ** STEP 1 CLICK ON THIS RESERVE LINK httpsnewhopeshelterbuddycomAnimalList Step 2 Go to the red menu button on the top right corner click register and fill in your info Step 3 Go to your email and verify account Step 4 Go back to the website click the menu button and view available dogs Step 5 Scroll to the animal you are interested and click reserve STEP 6 MOST IMPORTANT STEP GO TO THE MENU AGAIN AND VIEW YOUR CART THE ANIMAL SHOULD NOW BE IN YOUR CART! Step 7 Fill in your credit card info and complete transaction HOW TO FOSTER OR ADOPT IF YOU *CANNOT* GET TO THE SHELTER IN PERSON OR IF THE DOG IS NEW HOPE RESCUE ONLY! You must live within 3 – 4 hours of NY NJ PA CT RI DE MD MA NH VT ME or Norther VA Please PM our page for assistance You will need to fill out applications with a New Hope Rescue Partner to foster or adopt a dog on the To Be Killed list including those labelled Rescue Only Hurry please time is short and the Rescues need time to process the applications Meme

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