A 81% 81% 1005 1006 1020 80% a classmate arecruiter Tteps ICompamesUigvecivi- Add to contacts Block number C We sell things directly to customers 114 pm Unethical 957 pm Tuesday December 3 2019 Are you a TELEMARKETER 205 pm C С Not door to door 959 pm Hа last time and make sure you saw my text yesterday about part time work If so and you have no availability I apologize for blowing your phone up wanted to reach out one No 205 pm Read the article or at least the full sentence 1000 pm I call people I know and see if they want to setup a demonstration and since l only work through referrals those people know I'm going to call them с I mean ok? But if you have room in your sched ule? It's flexible the team is fun and might be possible to work remotely 206 pm It's college level training View all С 1230 pm Then we can do virtual or in house I get to put it on my resume 1001 pm demonstrations showing them high quality products 207 pm Sorry who is this? I have not received any previous messages from this number It's not gonna be my job forever 1237 pm httpmlmcompaniesorgvector-marketing 956 pm But thanks for the useless info? 1002 pm My name is and I'm reaching out on behalf of S with us and our office is looking for help and they recommended you for the position Vector Marketing 12 unsa- tojust started Selling knives door to door sounds 1002 pm httpmlmcompaniesorgvector- Like I literally got the job С It's with Vector and we were recently named DECA's National Advisory Board Partner of the Year It's basic customer work like explaining products answering questions and helping to place orders Unethical 957 pm It was a job recommendation С Not door to door 959 pm So just ignore it Feel free to apply and we'll contact you soon in regards to arranging an interview Thanks 1238 pm Read the article or at least the full sentence 1003 pm 1000 pm Please stop preying on young financially vulnerable students trying to lure them into your MLM scheme thanks! It's not a job they prey on young students С I mean ok? 1004 pm 1005 pm It's college level training С Ok thanks 1004 pm I get to put it on my resume 1001 m n Jp Enter message 1 «Пр +Enter message Enter message 1 Just a reminder that Vector still exists and is still preying on naive and vulnerable college students beware! They also got my contact without my consent Meme











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