9OK GIVEAWAY nre POD Win a Steam-Key of either 1x Hunie Pop 1x Sakura Angels 1x Sakura Fantasy! Winners will be chosen on Sunday September 10th at 8pm CEST that's german time for evěryone outside of europe 1 winner out of each category like comment share will be chosen! I don't heccin care if you like comment or share but it'll boost your chance a bit multiple comments won' count as more than 1 entry tho first come first serve! shinigami Still haven't reached 100K but here's a little giveaway to thank you all out there! It's not much but it's free! See ya in 3 days I'll pin the post so you can find it again if you want to tell others ^ ~shinigami Also i hope the quality of this pic is good and you can read it if not lmao idc actually but anyways you get the deal Usual same share like comment heccin giveaway you see everywhere But this one is weeb game themed + there are Thicc girls in the games so you better smash that mf like button! Steam keys are the future my dudes FAQ Q Is my girl really a thot? A If she breathe she a thot -Abraham Lincoln Q I'm Jupitergender can i still join the giveaway? A Yes just choose a normal gender after pls Q Shinigami word on the streets you're a smoking hot chick irl A Thanks fam i know that's not a question tho Another note The winners will be chosen and i'll message them the code Also if you want Huniepop fe but replied later than another winner you'll have to choose one of the two other games And if you replied last you get what you get!! Meme

Abraham Lincoln

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