922 Have you ever been taught something in school that was completely incorrect? paated Mar 16 2018 · U Demplin etion I OT the Indiait asmin uetem since Oh dear We will call this teacher Ms N She was my primary school teacher for first grade Let me give you a little background first Although I was very young and I never went to kindergarten or pre-k I was able to read and write fairly well early on I was a pretty well- rounded kid my parents split up early on in my life and my father and I had moved to Hong Kong almost immediately after that He was a skydiver and we travelled a lot due to that he only worked six months of the year so by the time that I was ready to go to school I had already filled up a few passports and was pretty knowledgable about different cultures and food especially the Asian cultures However my mother wanted me to go to public school back in Canada so off I go however I go straight into first grade without having gone to pre-k or kindergarten so the kids were a little older than me 1-2 years So you must be thinking where is this story going – well one or two months into school our teacher decides to teach us a little about China the history the culture and the foodmy mother had failed to mentioned to her that I grew up abroadin China So Ms N brings out an uncooked bowl of rice exactly like this one And then proceeds to hand all the students who were around in a circle some chopsticks Ms N So kids do you think you could eat this rice with these chopsticks? All the kids in the classroomapart from me no way! I'm sitting there in total silence as she passes the bowl around to every kid and lets them have a go at picking up one grain of rice at a time Ms N you guys should feel grateful that you live on this side of the planet because kids in China have to eat this every day using only chopsticks because spoons forks and knives haven't made their way to that side of the world yet I BURST out laughing I stand up take the bowl of rice from one of my fellow classmates grab my chopsticks pick up a grain of rice perfectly and tell her that this rice is uncooked that people in China are much more advanced than we are that she was spreading chinaphobia and that I would never take anything she says for granted again The whole classroom was shocked and no one said a word Ms N why would you know anything about China? Go sit outside! Actually you're going straight to the principal for disturbing my class and being so rude! Long story short my mum left work came to pick me up told the principal that I very well knew what I was talking about and that her teacher was ignorant that she wanted me to change teachers and that she would be talking with the school board about what was taught in class Then all of China clapped Meme











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