847 1 ll Yesterday at 541 PM 8 My latest research endeavor is coming to a close Now is the time for reflection and processing Understanding of this material was only possible thanks to adopting new evolving models of our universe I will list 3 of them here that I found to have the most grounded info in accordance with our current modelsunderstanding 1 Electroplasmic Universe 2 Source FieldZero-Point this Is quantum Note still understandinginvestigating this last one for it requires an extremely open mind 3 Reality Matrix this has many names this is what I currently call it involves conciousness technology or collective conscious thought If you wish to discuss any of the previous info please reach out Didn't expect to even write this post up or share my thoughts Call it a compulsion As always feel free to contact me with any concernsquestions As of this moment I have lost or forgotten the 2nd part to this post Ah! One last thing If you wish to walk in the Madness keep the ones who truly know you close They will be able to tell ifwhen your psyche your being is being manipulated Think it got deleted on iamverysmart probably fits better here This guy I graduated high school with “went public” as a supporter of QAnon recently One person responded and instead since then he’s been trying to rebrand himself as a modern scientific philosopher Meme











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