809 II O reddit USE APP Log in Register rdoctorwho Misc Tound my lost cat thanks to Doctor Who uOuterSpaceSimon Today i finally found my lost cat i freaking love this dickhead after he escaped the house three days ago Little bit of backstory My cat always sleeps by my side and i have a habit of watching a few episodes of Doctor Who before sleeping Because of that my cat runs to my bed as soon as he hears the Tardis sound because its a sign to go sleeping for him He never leaves the house but 3 days ago i couldnt find him anywhere and i figured out he somehow escaped I started to search him and spent a lot of hours outside calling his name but i never found him Today I went to bed and started my daily episode and when the Tardis sound came up i felt really sad but then i had the idea! At 100 AM i grabbed my phone ran to my car connected the phone and played a video of the tardis sound so loud i probably woke everyone in the area up after driving around for a little still blasting the sound i really saw my freaking idiot cat running towards my car t was 1km away from my house and he was sooo freaking happy to hear the sound and see me D So now here i am watching Doctor Who with my cat by my side again TLDR Cat ran away three days later i found him by blasting the tardis sound in my car at 100 AM Share20 Comments 206 The good doc saves the day Meme




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