@ 79% llVerizon 1900 t 4 TShare 26 Award Why? Hitler wasn't a bad dude he never did kill anyone on purpose except in ww1 or order anyone to do so He had plans to move the jews to Saudi Arabia but they wouldn't leave so he put them in POV camps The gas chambers had wooden doors on them Have you ever heard of a non Jewish holocaust survivor? They don't exist because the jews can't make them lie about the fact that there were no gas chambers to kill people 6 million Jews didn't die its closer to 500000 POWS and jews who died due to enemy bombing of supply lines All pictures of the camps before 1945 and 1944 show the prisoners as well fed They had soccer teams and a pool at aushwitz There was a hospital for Christs sake In a death camp Anne frank's journal was written in ball point pen which hadn't been invented until after the war Anne frank was moved to 3 different camps before dying of typhus which makes no sense because they had a gas all children when the enter the camp policy according to the jews How'd she escape gassing 3 times? The truth doesn't have to hide because it has facts behind it Go to your professor or teacher and ask himher about the validity of the holocaust You will either A get sent to the deanprinciple or other higher power or B they will call you a Nazi It is illegal to deny the holocaust in 17 countries worldwide It's a sad world to live in where questioning something gets you arrested But it happened though because 6 gorrilion? They have implanted it into your head to fight for them While reading this whole thing you will be like WOW NAZI EW and everything else in your mind will be thrown away When Antonio brown got accused of sexual I really hope this is just an edgy teen Meme


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