718 71% 2 Just now 18yrs ago today The Applied Magnetics Foundation issued a press release regarding a theory Energy=mass x the force of Magnetism applied to itself E=mM2 and it's application via a machine that if properly maintained would convert magnetic energy into electricity for 10000yrs losing 1% of it's inertia every 100yrs as the magnets degraded This would render fossil fuels obsolete The theory was mine as was the machine My life would be changed forever Just not the way I had imagined Unfortunately those with vested interests in fossil fuels were not willing to let this information go public and as it turned out had the law on their side I was infringing on a patent from 1906 filed by Nikola Tesla that was and is owned by the US Govt Tomorrow is the 18th anniversary of 911 My question to you is that a coincidence? An organization was founded 2yrs later by myself and like-minded individuals who had similar experiences while attempting to advance the human race By 2012 we were TiMe's Man of the Year and the 36th most influential person on the planet The truth carries weight though As all do we each had our demons and by 2015 everyone who was there in the beginning was in a prison cell bringing our momentum to a screeching halt But the truth is still out there albeit most of it so scary and in opposition to the ideas and history ingrained in us since childhood that it's hard to even accept About religion about historical events about economics about secret societies about science Just felt like sharing It seems so odd that so few know the true historical significance of what happened tomorrow 18yrs ago A friend of mine thinks he invented unlimited energy and Anonymous Meme











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