6 yrs old 64 lbs Mr Adorable - Nuka is a floppy-eared friendly boy playful waggy and very cute He sits nicely on command gives paw and takes his treats gently He is ready for a new home Brooklyn ACC TO BE KILLED 51619 Meet the Champion of Cat Naps - Nuka AKA Mr Adorable! <3 Nuka is a friendly playful and cute gentleman Nuka lived in harmony with a another male dog and was playful and respectful around him Nuka wags his tail the entire time He will sit on command gives his paw and takes his treats very gently Nuka loses his home due to his family moving to a place where there are no pets allowed He is hoping to find a new place to call home a new family to love and to have fun with ~ and to stay a part of forever! Please share sweet Nuka for his happily ever after! A volunteer writes If you’re looking for a floppy-eared dog who thinks he’s a cat we have just the guy for you! Come meet Nuka today! MY VIDEO Mr Adorable <3 httpsyoutubeZQUOzJ7igNY NUKA ID# 59638 6 yrs old 64 lbs Brooklyn Animal Care Center Medium Mixed Breed Cross Tan White Neutered Male Owner Surrender Reason owner moving into a no pet place Shelter Assessment Rating LEVEL 3 No children under 13 Medical Behavior Rating OWNER SURRENDER NOTES - BASIC INFORMATION Nuka is a six year old tan and white medium male dog that was surrendered to the center due to the owner moving into a no pet place He had him for the past four years Nuka doesn't have any known health issue and has not been to the vet in the past two years Nuka previously lived with two adults two children and one dog He is friendly and outgoing around strangers The owner stated that he will bark if a stranger approaches him too quickly Nuka lived with a six year old child and a seven year old child He was relaxed very playful and respectful around them Nuka also lived with a medium male dog and was very playful and respectful around him Nuka didn't live with cats Nuka´s owner did not report resource guarding with toys or food however he will growl and escalate to bite if a food bone is taken away from him Nuka has no bite history with a person or an animal He is housetrained and his owner describes his energy level as very high Other Notes He is not bothered when removed from the furniture nor if he is disturbed while resting He growls when being carried by strangers and when being bathed He enjoys to be brushed and is not bothered if someone unfamiliar approaches the house The owner never trimmed his nails therefore his behavior is unknown Has this dog ever had any medical issues? No For a New Family to Know He was described as friendly affectionate playful and excitable His favorite activity is to catch the ball He likes to follow people around at home or he just stays at his favorite spot He was kept indoors only and used to sleep with the owner He was fed dry and wet food twice a day half a can of wet food and a half a portion of dry His favotite treats are Milk Bone He is house-trained and goes potty on grass He is well-behaved when left alone in the house Nuka has never been crated He listens to sit lay and comes to say bye to you when you say bye-bye He is used to walks on leash for exercise three times a day He pulls hard when on the leash and will wander or run away when off the leash INTAKE NOTES – DATE OF INTAKE 10-Apr-2019 Behavior upon intake Nuka seemed shy at the beginning however he started to wag his tail after giving him some treats He was licking the counselor's hand and started to jump to her chest Nuka started to bark when approached to collar him but allowed it after another attempt He struggled when trying to put the leash on him but allowed it when he was near the door He allowed to be collared and scanned Nuka scanned negative for a microchip BEHAVIOR NOTES Means of surrender length of time in previous home Owner surrender Previously lived with 2 Adults 2 Children 6 7 1 Dog Medium Male Behavior toward strangers Friendly and outgoing but barks if approached rapidly Behavior toward children Relaxed playful and respectful wresident children Behavior toward dogs Playful and respectful wresident dog Behavior toward cats Unknown Resource guarding Previous owner reported Nuka to exhibit resource guarding behavior over bones He will growl and escalate to snapping when his bone is approached No resource guarding reported over his food or toys Bite history None reported Housetrained Yes Energy leveldescriptors Nuka is described as friendly affectionate playful and excitable with a very high level of energy SHELTER ASSESSMENT SUMMARIES Summary Leash Walking Strength and pulling Mild pulling Reactivity to humans None Reactivity to dogs None Leash walking comments Sociability Loose in room 15-20 seconds Soft and loose body wagging tail readily accepts treats with soft mouth stays near handlers solicits attention accepts contact Call over Approaches slowly ears back and tail wagging soft and loose Sociability comments Handling Soft handling Soft tail wagging sits down slow head flips some lip licking leans into and accepts all contact Exuberant handling Soft tail wagging remains sitting some lip licking leans into and accepts all contact somewhat distracted by outside noise Handling comments Arousal Jog Follows handler soft and loose tail high and wagging Arousal comments Knock Knock Comments Some whining lip licking and yawned when assistant exits One low bark with knock Pulls hard toward door accepts contact tail wagging Toy Toy comments Grips and relinquishes on first pass Grips and moves away on second pass PLAYGROUP NOTES - DOG TO DOG SUMMARIES According to Nuka's previous owner He lived with a medium sized male dog Nuka was very playful and respectful around him 411 When off leash at the Care Center Nuka is introduced to a novel female dog He greets the female with a soft body but then becomes sexually motivated He fixates on her genitals but is interrupted by handlers and walks away to explore the pens INTAKE BEHAVIOR - Date of intake 10-Apr-2019 Summary Initially timid some tail wags and accepts treats licks and jumps up barks when approached MEDICAL BEHAVIOR - Date of initial 11-Apr-2019 Summary Loose and wiggly body wagging tail growled whale eye barked muzzled ENERGY LEVEL Nuka was observed to exhibit a low-medium level of energy during his interactions in the care center BEHAVIOR DETERMINATION Level 3 Behavior Asilomar TM - Treatable-Manageable Recommendations No children under 13 Recommendations comments No children under 13 Although Nuka displays social behavior and accepts contact during his interactions he was reported by his previous owner to display handling sensitivity and fearful behavior with the potential for defensive aggression which were also observed during the initial interactions in the care center Nuka was also reported by his previous owner to exhibit resource guarding behavior which has not been observed in the care center As a result it is recommended that Nuka be placed in an adult only home to ensure his success We advise safe and appropriate management when handling Nuka as well as utilizing guidance from a qualified professional trainerbehaviorist Potential challenges Resource guarding Handlingtouch sensitivity Fearfulpotential for defensive aggression Potential challenges comments Resource guarding Nuka is reported by his previous owner to exhibit resource guarding behavior over his bones in a home environment He was observed to escalate to growling and snapping if approached Please refer to the handout on Resource guarding Handlingtouch sensitivity Nuka is reported by his previous owner to exhibit handling sensitivity in a home environment He is reported to growl if carried by strangers or when being bathed This behavior has been observed when being handled during his medical exam and only escalated to barking Please refer to the handout on Handlingtouch sensitivity Fearfulpotential for defensive aggression Nuka is reported by his previous owner to exhibit fearful behavior with potential for defensive aggression He is reported to bark if approached too quickly by a stranger Although he has shown improvement this behavior has been observed during his initial interactions in the care center Please refer to the handout on Fearfulpotential for defensive aggression MEDICAL EXAM NOTES 11-Apr-2019 DVM Intake Exam Estimated age 6 years according to o Microchip noted on Intake? positive 985112004625312 History os Subjective BARH Observed Behavior - came into the room loose wiggly wagging tail Would intermittently growl Muzzled for exam Alternates from loose and wagging tail to growling and hard barking with whale eyes Evidence of Cruelty seen - no Evidence of Trauma seen - no Objective P = wnl R = eupneic BCS 59 EENT Eyes clear ears clean no nasal discharge noted Oral Exam clean adult dentition no oral lesions noted limited oral exam PLN No enlargements noted HL NSR NMA CRT < 2 Lungs clear eupneic ABD Non painful no masses palpated UG MN MSI Ambulatory x 4 skin free of parasites no masses noted healthy hair coat CNS mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Assessment Apparently healthy Plan Continue to monitor while at BACC Start trazodone 150mg PO BID for shelter anxiety Prognosis Excellent SURGERY neutered *** TO FOSTER OR ADOPT *** HOW TO RESERVE A “TO BE KILLED” DOG ONLINE only for those who can get to the shelter IN PERSON to complete the adoption process and only for the dogs on the list NOT marked New Hope Rescue Only Follow our Step by Step directions below! *PLEASE NOTE – YOU MUST USE A PC OR TABLET – PHONE RESERVES WILL NOT WORK! ** STEP 1 CLICK ON THIS RESERVE LINK httpsnewhopeshelterbuddycomAnimalList Step 2 Go to the red menu button on the top right corner click register and fill in your info Step 3 Go to your email and verify account Step 4 Go back to the website click the menu button and view available dogs Step 5 Scroll to the animal you are interested and click reserve STEP 6 MOST IMPORTANT STEP GO TO THE MENU AGAIN AND VIEW YOUR CART THE ANIMAL SHOULD NOW BE IN YOUR CART! Step 7 Fill in your credit card info and complete transaction HOW TO FOSTER OR ADOPT IF YOU *CANNOT* GET TO THE SHELTER IN PERSON OR IF THE DOG IS NEW HOPE RESCUE ONLY! You must live within 3 – 4 hours of NY NJ PA CT RI DE MD MA NH VT ME or Norther VA Please PM our page for assistance You will need to fill out applications with a New Hope Rescue Partner to foster or adopt a dog on the To Be Killed list including those labelled Rescue Only Hurry please time is short and the Rescues need time to process the applications Meme

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