6 days ago Sex isn't wrong At any age With anyone 1 week ago There's nothing immoral about pedophilia It doesn't cause any emotional harm in child ren 6 days ago You have been told the truth about how punishment for pedophilia is the source of trauma in children And yet you have chosen to continue supporting that punishment You need to face legal consequences for causing so much harm to the innocent 1 week ago Your support of punishment for pedophiles is the source of trauma in children If it wasn't for stigmatization and socialization training children to be traumatized by harmless sexual activity they would n't be traumatized I'm not disgusting for fighting against evil people who can't be gotten to stop hurting child ren You're the disgusting garbage person here who is the one causing immense harm to the innocent You traumatize children and you unjustifiably demonize a harmless sexual minority You aren't guided by compassion and love All you care about is your hate That is disgusting You are not in any position to judge what is true or false Showing that to be the case is patently easy For starters I can freely admit that if I'm wrong about the idea that sexual activity is not psychologically harmful to children then my claim of saying it isn't harmful means I am not just wrong but woefully wrong It would mean I should never be trusted to say what is true or good and it means I have the worst capacity to judge what is harmful But can you admit the same? If you're wrong that sexual activity is harmful to children can you admit that would mean you have gotten this wrong as fully as is possible? My claim is that if it weren't for people like you who stigmatize and punish pedophilia children wouldn't be traumatized by it If that's true then that means you are in fact the child abuser and not the pedophiles It would mean you are the one who is causing children life-destroying psychological harm It would mean you have gotten this as wrong as is possible and that you have failed as miserably as is possible at protecting the weakest and most vulnerable among us Can you admit that this would in fact be the consequence if it turns out you're wrong? Or are you too deluded to see that? Are you completely unable to admit your mistakes and to demonstrate personal accountability for your actions if the truth reveals you have been the one hurting little children? 5 days ago It isn't weird to protect children from sickos like you who traumatize children You're support of punishment for pedophilia is literally immoral because it causes children trauma There is nothing immoral about mere simple harmless sexual activity There is nothing about it that justifies treating it differently from everything else children are brought to be involved in The fact that children don't understand things as well as can an adult isn't used to criminalize anything else and so it's unjustifiable to use such a reason for this You cannot truthfully say what it is about sexual activity with a child that justifies calling it molestation or taking advantage of them You wouldn't use such damning language to describe anything else children are taught or shown And so because there's nothing different about sexual activity from everything else children do you're unjustified in using such language to describe it The truth reveals you have gotten this as wrong as possible and have failed as completely as you can at doing the right thing and protecting the innocent from harm You don't get to say what's moral or immoral anymore You don't get to have any say over the lives of others anymore You need to be punished in accordance with the level of harm you have caused Comments on a video about Onision I really wish I could say he's a troll Meme





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