51 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was In High School Grace Valentine in Lifestyle on Jun 92015 1 Do not spend more than $9 on mascara CVS sells ones that work just fine 2 It won't matter later on that he was on a high school football team 3 Your push-up bra is obvious 4 Chill with the eyeliner 5 If he cheats on you say goodbye 6 Stop subtweeting or Facebooking your life 7 Don't tell your mom you hate her you will regret it 8 Innocence is beautiful 9 Call your grandma just because 10 Some people will never like you don't let it bother you 11 Kill them with kindness 12 TPingRolling houses is all fun and games till it rains and you have to clean it up 13 You were beautiful before he told you 14 Don't believe stereotypes Get to know people personally instead of judging them 15 Don't let one mistake define you 16 But learn from your mistakes 17 Eat home-cooked meals You will miss it one day 18 Your mom can see a fake friend before you can 19 Your dad can see a crappy boy before you can 20 Enjoy your metabolism while it lasts is more to life than Friday night If your parents buy you something whether it's a McDonald's or an iPhone say thank yor 3 You are more beautiful than you will ever know 24 Prom is not the best night of your life but go anyway 25 High sehool years are not the best years of your life 26 However enjoy high school while it lasts you will miss some of it 27 Bad times make you appreciate the good times 28 It's only a bad day not a bad life 29 Stop comparing yourself to others that will never do any good 30 Leam to forgive Also learn that not everyone deserves your trust 31 Learn to apologize 32 He isn't the love of your life 33 Sex does not make you mature or an adult 34 Stop pretending to be someone you are not to impress people 35 Keep a journal 36 You'll regret spending $90 on that Abercrombie fur vest 37 Eat the dang doughnut 38 Five for $27 appreciate it and never forget it 39 Pray for your future husband every once in a while 40 Pray for your future kids too 41 Take those ACT prep classes seriously 42 Hug your grandpa every chance you get 43 Write thank you notes for everything 44 Tell your favorite high school teacher she rocks thing good happens past midnight 46 Put others before yourself 47 Unless that person is an ex-boyfriend You deserve happiness stop worrying about hin 48 If you love God then you should love people 49 His plan is greater than yours Romans 828 50 Stop speeding especially on turns Also stop at stop signs 51 Enjoy life It goes by faster than you think To all of the high school girls reading this-I hope you never forget that even though life sometimes stinks you will have plenty of moments that make you forget about the hard times You will have moments of laughter joy and thankfulness that compensate for the time you failed your math test or the boy broke your heart Be willing to adventure through life and go through the bad with a smile knowing the best is yet to come Embrace your innocence and stop trying to grow up You only get to be a kid once so enjoy the end of the beginning while you can One day you're 17 and you're planning for someday And then quietly without you ever really noticing someday is today And then someday is yesterday And this is your life- One Tree Hi Mom printed this out and told me to keep it throughout high school httpstcopiUE7txfWG Meme


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