50% COOL WAYS TO SAY ND TO WEED 1 Are you kidding me? Grow up 261 was raised right I won't light 2 Ganja is for goons no thanks 27 I'd like to keep my job thanks 3 Get a job you hippie wastoid 28 You wish pot junker! Back off 4 No thanks I'm a good person 29 I'm calling the Coast Guard 5You need to go to jail hempo 30 No tokes for me l'm cool 6 My dad told me better no way 31 Leave me be you blunt blazer! 7 Grass is crass also gross! Nol 32 No I'm as clean as a whistle 8 Uhhh no thanks loser! 9 Get away from me THC addict 34 I'll pass on your pot offer 10 Yeah right I'm way too smart 35 Cannabis is crap you cretin! 11 Let me think No way never 36 Pish posh pot is for the birds! 12 No You are trash if you toke 37 Nope THC is not for me 13 Back off bucko You're bad 38 Step out of my zone now 14 I would rather not okay? 39 Get off my case weed stoner 15 Injecting weed is for dummies 40 Nuh uh I respect the police 16 I will never do one toke 17 Absolutely not I love myself 42 NOI Blunts are for bad men 18 Get a grip you sativa snorter 43 I'd rather not die Tokes kill 19 Bugger off you bong addict 44 No weeds are for whacking 20 I will use my taser on yu 45 Marijuana is for morons ok? 21 What do I look like? A failure 46 Are you serious? Get a life 22 Nah bongs are wrong 23 No way Hemp is horible 48 Stoners are loners I'm good 24 I'd rather not be a canniba 49 Nope! Spliffs are for wimps 25I don't think so l'm 33 That's a death roach No 41 Lay offI isten to the law ay o 47 You're domb if you do dank m nice 50 No man I follow MMYV wwwfacebookcomMMYVofficial 1310 choose 20 and 29! Meme











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