5 rtrees Good luck OP mY ENTIRE FAMILY JUST ATE MY CANNABUTTER WHAT DO i DO?? uDreamblook 1d Guys my naive mother used my CANNABUTTER to make dinner with Apparently we were out of real butter and she used mine because she though it was vegan butter My entire family just eat chicken made with high quality cannabutter I have around 45 mins before it kicks inWHAT DO I DO GUYS? Edit-Sorry about the typo in the title I was in a hurry Edit 2-Guys I know I can just come clean and tell them I will if it gets to the point where they are freaking out or something I'm trying very hard to avoid them ever having to know Edit 3-No guys I'm not going to record it and embarrass my family for karma Edit 4-l think they are starting to feel it Still haven't told them anything I think l am in denial about this whole thing Edit 5-My mother just asked me if there was anything wrong with my vegan butter I decided to tell her it was really old so they will all just think they have food poisoning or something Edit 6-1 think my sister is asleep My father is in some kind of trance with a giant smile on his face He doesn't seem to be freaking out My mother on the other handis going ape shit and wants to go the hospital My uncle keeps on trying to talk her out of it because no one can drive so we would have to pay for an ambulance Edit 7-Wtf guys my uncle is barely affected and laughs his ass off every time he looks at me I think he knows Mom accidentally cooks dinner with cannabutter and gets the whole family high Meme









Food Poisoning


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